Menus and Meal Prices

  • Elementary Menu:
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    All entrees are served with fruit, vegetables and a choice of milk.  Carbohydrate values do not include these meal accompaniments. Carbohydrate values have been obtained from food manufacturers, and may also have been determined utilizing approved software comprised of common foods found in the USDA database and standardized recipes.  These values should be viewed and used only as a general nutrition guide – and not for medical nutrition therapy.  The reliability of data may fluctuate with changes in portion size, product specifications, substitutions, recipe compliance and manufacturer ingredients.  For allergy information, click on that item and it will give you a list of any allergens.
    Breakfast and Lunch Prices: To pay online please click on this link: Online Payments. 
    Elementary:    $2.25
    Secondary      $2.50
    Adult               $3.00
    Elementary:          $4.00
    Middle School:     $4.25
    HIgh School:        $4.50
    Adult:                    $5.00
    Milk (sold separately)  $.50
Breakfast and Lunch Prices