ELL Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will my student’s English language skills be developed?

    Your child will learn English in different school subjects, like math and reading. The teachers will work with your child to learn the English needed to be successful in these different subjects. This will look different as your child learns more English skills.

    In all of our grades students are in blended classrooms. In a blended classroom the teacher speaks in English and uses techniques that help students improve their language skills and understand their lessons. Teachers use computers programs to help students gain English skills. A specially trained teacher will give extra support to help students just beginning to learn English.

    Who will provide English language learning instruction?

    Students will learn English from their classroom teachers. Beginning students may also get extra help from a instructional assistant trained in English language development.

    Where will English language learning instruction take place?

    Students will build their English skills in their classrooms while they are learning subjects like reading, writing, and math. Beginning students may also work in a small group with a teacher or instructional assistant to build their English skills.

    Who can I contact for more information about my student’s English Language Development?

    Your child’s classroom teacher can talk to you about his/her English language development. The teacher works with your child every day, and can tell you about the areas she/he is growing in, and next steps to keep learning.

    How Do I Know If My Student is Eligible for the ELL Program?

    • The district will give students the screening test.
    • Students who score with limited proficiency levels on the test will be eligible for ELL services.
    • Parents or guardians are notified whether they qualify for ELL services or not.

    How Long are Students in the ELL Program?

    • Students remain in the ELL program until they have mastered the skills necessary to be rated Proficient on the ELPA 21 test, which is given each spring.
    • Parents/guardians will receive a letter and the test results indicating if they passed.

    If you have further questions about English Language Learning in the Snoqualmie Valley School District you can contact Marci Eubanks,  K-12 ELL teacher/coordinator at 425-831-4239 or via email at eubanksm@svsd410.org.