Last Day of Classes and Early Dismissal for Students K-12


Last Day of Classes for Students K-12.

Early Dismissal Schedule

MSHS Main Campus                                  10:48 a.m.

MSHS Freshman Campus                          10:48 a.m.

CKMS                                                      10:58 a.m.

TFMS                                                       10:58 a.m.

CVES                                                       11:25 a.m.

TRES                                                       11:25 a.m.

FCE                                                         11:55 a.m.

OES                                                         11:55 a.m.

NBE                                                         11:55 a.m.

SES                                                         11:55 a.m.

Two Rivers                                               12:00 noon