ELL Overview

  • What is ELL?
    English Language Learner (ELL) is a school program:
    • Provided for students who do not speak English as their native language.
    • Designed to develop the student's English proficiency.
    Research-based instruction is used:
    • English listening and speaking skills are taught first, then reading and writing skills.
    • Our ELL teachers and paraprofessionals work in collaboration with the classroom teachers to effectively teach ELL students.
     Elementary level ELL students:
    • Participate in their mainstream classes as well as scheduled ELL instruction in small groups based on each student’s proficiency and grade levels.
    • The development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English is emphasized.
    Secondary level ELL program:
    • Designed to provide ELL students focused English language development while they are taking the regular curriculum in English.
    The ELL program ensures equal access to the school system’s instructional program for limited English proficiency students.

    Student Eligibility for ELL/ESL
    How Do I Know If My Student is Eligible for the ELL Program?
    • The district will give students a screening test.
    • Students who score with limited proficiency levels on the test will be eligible for ELL services.
    • Parents or guardians are notified whether they qualify for ELL services or not.
    How Long are Students in the ELL Program?
    • Students remain in the ELL program until they have mastered the skills necessary to be rated Proficient on the ELPA 21 Test, which is given each spring.
    • Parents/guardians will receive a letter and the test results indicating if they passed.

    Student Enrollment in the ELL/ESL Program
    Your student must be registered at school before registering for ELL/ESL services.
    • All new families are given a registration packet from their student’s school with necessary forms to complete and return to the school office.
    Home Language Survey
    • A Home Language Survey form is completed at registration, which indicates if a language other than English is spoken at home or by the student. Parents also fill out an ELL Program Referral form.
    • Students who are referred to ELL are given a screening test to determine their English skills.
    • Parents or guardians are notified in writing whether or not their student qualifies for ELL/ESL Services.
    If you have further questions about English Language Learning in the Snoqualmie Valley School District you can contact Marci Eubanks, K-12 ELL teacher/coordinator at 425-831-4239 or via email at eubanksm@svsd410.org.