New High School & Beyond Planning Tool

  • The Snoqualmie Valley School District will be transitioning to a new tool from School Data Solutions to help students develop High School and Beyond Plans (HSBP).  The transition to this new resource will begin in April of 2020 and be fully implemented in the fall of the 2020-21 school year.

    Currently, most SVSD students (those at MSHS and all middle schools) have been using two programs for the High School & Beyond Plan graduation requirement:  Naviance and My School Data.  Two Rivers students have been meeting the HSBP requirement through career interest surveys, one-on-one pathways planning with their counselors, and advisories focused on FAFSA completion and scholarship applications.

    In an effort to find a HSBP platform that can better support all students through this process, a committee worked to explore other tool options, soliciting feedback from students and staff, and confirming compliance with state requirements. As a result, staff members and students involved in the review process overwhelmingly recommended the School Data Solutions’ High School and Beyond product.  Their comments regarding the School Data Solutions platform included:


    “Very organized, futuristic, easy to navigate, good feedback.”

    “It was a lot clearer and shorter than Naviance. The careers that it gave me were more

    appealing than Naviance. I think that it fit me better.”


    Benefits of the School Data Solutions tool include:

    • Improved research content for professional, military, and technical careers;
    • Comprehensive information about training required, average salaries, and the schools, college programs, or apprenticeships available for each career;
    • Increased flexibility that allows students to take the interest & skills test multiple times, as their career interests evolve;
    • Consolidation of student HSBP data into a single location;
    • A graduation tracking module for high school principals and counselors;
    • Parent access to review and monitor student progress.


    “We deeply appreciated the insights and suggestions offered by parents, students and staff during this review process. High school and post-secondary planning should be an exciting and engaging part of a student’s school experience, and we are committed to making that happen. It is important to us that the shift to a new HSBP tool is a seamless experience for students and families, so please know we welcome your questions or suggestions as we move through this process,” - Ginger Callison, SVSD Executive Director of Teaching and Learning.


    Transition Plan

    Depending on a student’s grade level, the switch to a new HSBP tool has different implications. See the transition plan below.

  • NOTE:  Students may wish to download their Naviance data before the district’s subscription expires on March 29, 2020.  High school students will receive instructions on how to save information from their Naviance account during PRIDE Time.


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