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      Enrollment Procedures
    Eligibility: Any high school student (grades 9–12) is welcome to complete an application to attend Two Rivers High School.  Students who are currently under suspension or expulsion from another school are welcome to apply at Two Rivers when the conditions to re-enter her/his home school have been met.  Every student entering Two Rivers High School is required to complete an application and Success Strategies class prior to the term they start school.  It is requested that new students bring a copy of their immunization record and transcript with them on the first day of the Success Strategies class.  Also, a copy of any student accommodation forms should be brought if it applies.  

    Success Strategies Class: The purpose of the Success Strategies class is to help students understand the school and to determine if there is a match between each student's needs and the school’s program offerings. The Success Strategies class is required before a student can register for classes at Two Rivers. The activities in the Success Strategies class are designed to help students get to know the staff, each other, and to assess each student's skills.  Students are expected to arrive on time, stay the entire time, participate in all Success Strategies activities, and attend all days for that session in order to become a student at Two Rivers. If a student is unable to do so, they will be asked to start the next session the following term. Students will be expected to attend this class for the required number of consecutive days.

    Two Rivers is currently closed to high schoolers living outside of the Snoqualmie Valley School District.

    Call the Two Rivers main office at 425-831-4200
    Email our principal Rhonda Schmidt or our secretary Maria Kritsonis
    Fax 425-831-4210