Enrollment Information - Kindergarten/New Students

    The District now uses an Online Enrollment process.  For families who are new or returning to the District, please follow the steps below. (For families, who are currently active in the District and enrolling another child, please log into Family Access to enroll the new student online.) The process will take approximately 20-30 minutes; Parents can save as they go and do not have to complete it all in one sitting. Before beginning online enrollment, parents are advised to have the following documents available to upload into the application:
    • Birth Record
    • Proof of Residency is required. (copy of utility bill, rental agreement, etc.)
    • Custody/Court Order if student is living with someone other than those named on the birth certificate
    • Documents from previous school such as report card, transcript, withdrawal form, etc. (if applicable)
    • Completed Certificate of Immunization (CIS) form is required. (See Immunization Requirements)

    To begin: click to begin the Online Enrollment process.

    For questions about enrollment, refer to the school registrar. (When schools are closed in the summer, contact the District Office at 425-831-8000.) 
    Kindergarten Program:
    Starting February 1, 2021, families whose children will turn five years of age by August 31 are invited to begin enrolling students in Kindergarten for the 2021-22 school year using the Online Enrollment process (described above).
    In addition, all Snoqualmie Valley elementary schools will invite families to a Kindergarten Orientation event. Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend to learn about the SVSD Kindergarten Program, meet their principals and teachers, schedule a "screener" assessment, and ask questions. Each school will send details regarding the date, times and format of their event later this spring.
    In a typical year (which we all remain hopeful can resume next fall)... students will automatically be placed in the full-day program when registering for Kindergarten. While the full-day program is recommended for students, parents may contact their school to request a half-day program if preferred. 
    • Full-Day Kindergarten: As a district, Full-Day Kindergarten is offered to all students free-of-charge to parents. All students who turn five years of age by August 31 are eligible for the state-funded full-day program. The Snoqualmie Valley School District believes in the Full-Day Kindergarten model as a holistic approach that will set students up for success in school and their future endeavors. 

    • Half-Day Kindergarten: In addition, a morning Half-Day Kindergarten is available for families who prefer this option. Parents who are in a position to offer their child support at home and complement what their child experiences during the half day they attend kindergarten are best suited for this option. Half-day students will be placed in a full-day kindergarten classroom at their home school in the morning, and go home midway through the day. Parents who opt to enroll their students in the AM half-day program versus the full-day program will undertake the responsibility of supplementing their child’s academic and social-emotional experiences in order to best prepare him/her for their transition to 1st grade. Kindergarten teachers will work to meet each child’s individual needs during the time they are present at school, however, the afternoon instructional time and subject matter that half-day students miss will become the responsibility of the parent. Parents who choose the half-day program will need to transport their student home mid-day.
    Attendance Boundaries
    Students should live within the attendance boundary of a school in order to enroll. To verify which school your student will attend, based on your home address, visit the District Maps webpage. (Next fall, our transportation tool called E-Link will help you verify your enrolled student's school bus stop location and pick-up times, nearest to your home address.) Contact the Transportation Department at Transoffice@svsd410.org or call 425-831-8020, for questions.

    If a student in the District wants to attend a school outside of their attendance boundary, a request for an in-district transfer must be submitted for consideration each year during the "Open Enrollment" period. Space must be available at the receiving school. For more information about transfer requests, contact the District Office.
    Immunization Requirements
    Washington State Law RCW28A.210.080 requires school age children to receive specific immunizations in order to attend school. Proof of immunizations from a family physician or local health department is required. The parent/guardian needs to transfer this information to a Certificate of Immunization (CIS) form and sign the certificate to verify its accuracy. See the state Immunization Requirements

    Consent for Exchange of Information
    If a student is transferring from another school, the parent or guardian must give their consent to transfer records from the student’s previous school. Parents will need the name, address, and phone number of the previous school to upload into the application.

    Transcript or Academic History
    Students transferring from another school should have their academic records to upload. The application will also ask if the student has been in any special programs in their previous school.

    Learning by Choice
    For information on the various enrollment options for students and parents/guardians in Washington State, read the Learning by Choice guide published each year by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).