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#BeKindSV campaign wraps up

We wrapped up our #BeKindSV campaign on 1/24.  What an amazing program to help us continue building on a positive school climate!  
A huge thank you to Dr. Manahan and NBE PTA for making this program possible for NBE.  We also want to thank Clark, Aurelia, Karrie and Arby Roberts for bringing their gift of kindness to NBE and inspiring us to carry out measurable acts of compassion and kindness.  For more information, visit  If you are interested in purchasing one of Clark Robert's books, please see order form.  


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Dear NBES Families,


We are excited to announce the launch of the #BeKindSV campaign starting January 10th!

The focus of the #BeKindSV campaign is to continue building a positive school climate and is designed to provide our students the opportunity to:

  • Practice using kindness behaviors with one another.
  • Practice recognizing when others have been kind.
  • Celebrate kindness within the school.


Additionally, the participating adults and school staff will:

  • Practice reinforcing kindness behaviors.
  • Practice recognizing when kindness behaviors are being used.
  • Celebrate kindness within the school and the home.


The #BeKindSV program will launch with a K-5 Kickoff Assembly on Friday, 1/10:

  • Prior to the assembly, your student will receive a #BeKindSV t-shirt.  We ask that students try to wear their shirts each Friday to celebrate the kindness that they have shown and the kindnesses that they received during the week. 
  • At the assembly we will be introduced to Clark and Carrie Roberts from Ultimate Vision.  The mission of Ultimate vision is to “inspire measurable acts of compassion and kindness in schools and communities around the world…”.    Clark lost his sight at age 24 and relies upon guide dogs through his everyday life; one, if not two, guide dogs will be on campus during the assembly and during each classroom visit.   

After our Kickoff Assembly, we will continue with 45 minute sessions in every classroom between 1/10 and 1/16

  • During the classroom sessions, students will hear presentations from Clark and Carrie Roberts, who will have a guide dog present in the classroom.
  • If you are interested in ordering one of Clark Robert’s books, please see order form.

We appreciate the financial support provided by Dr. Manahan as well as our PTA - their contributions made this program possible for NBES!



-Stephanie Shepherd

Principal, North Bend Elementary