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Outdoor Sport Mural For Opstad Gym

Hello Otters,

Great news!  The process of creating a huge 25’ long by 4 ½’ high painting that will be mounted above the rock climbing wall is underway.  The mural will have an outdoor recreational sports theme - portraying our beautiful natural environment along with a variety of recreational sports such as;  rock climbing, hiking, skiing, running, mountain biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, cycling, and more.   

The artist, Kristin Lockwood (an Otter parent) has agreed to do the artwork which will be completed by October of 2017.  The Non Profit - Black Dog Arts Coalition (in Snoqualmie) has agreed to sponsor this project with a Go Fund Me page for Kristin’s hundreds of  hours of hard work,  beautiful artistry, and the necessary materials.

The goal behind the project is to beautify our gymnasium and educate and inspire our youth about the many fitness opportunities available in our wonderful natural world that surrounds us.

Please consider contributing any amount that you can to the following Go Fund Me page -  .  All contributors will be printed on a plaque to be mounted near the artwork.  On the Go Fund Me page - you will find more specific information about the mural project, and the page will continually be updated with pictures as progress is made.

Thank you so much for considering assisting with this project.  We’re going to have an awesome gym!

Mark McConnell

Physical Education Teacher

Opstad Elementary