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PBIS--Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support

What is PBIS?
PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) is a school-wide system that teaches and reinforces positive behaviors to students who are making good choices.
The goal of PBIS is to promote positive behaviors for all students within Opstad Elementary. One way to achieve this goal is to provide four positives to every one correction.
PBIS incorporates the Opstad Elementary School’s Otter Code expectations:
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Do the Right Thing
Otter Actions:

Otter Actions are incentives for individual students to follow our Otter Code. The purpose of these Otter Actions is to promote positive interactions with students and encourage students to make good choices.

How Do Students Earn Otter Actions?

All staff members will give out a number of Otter Actions throughout the school day to students who are “caught” following the Otter Code. They can be given at any time during the school day. 
What Do Students Do with Otter Actions?

The student Otter Actions are tracked and counted toward school-wide goals and prizes throughout the year.

Students are encouraged to save their Otter Actions throughout the year to see how many they have achieved.
Otter Action of the Week:

Each week those students who earned an Otter Action are celebrated over the Friday announcements. These students take a photograph to commemorate their achievement which is posted in the main office as well as the Opstad home page.

Teaching Our Expectations at Opstad Elementary:

Classroom lessons and assemblies throughout the year will continue to highlight the expectations and positive behaviors of the Otter Code. These expectations include specific locations such as:

· Playground
· Bathrooms
· Hallway
· Entering the school
· Exiting the school
· Cafeteria 
 How Families Can Support PBIS at Home:

• Discuss your child’s day with open-ended questions:
What choices did you make?
How do you feel about the decisions you made today?
What would be a better choice?

• Set goals with your child (i.e. “Let’s try to get one verbal praise or one Otter Action this week!”

• Provide incentives for your child (i.e. “If you get three verbal praises or an Otter Action this week, then you can have 20 extra 
minutes on the computer.”)

• Provide expectations and teach your child about how you would like to see them use the Otter Code (be respectful,responsible,       do the right thing) outside of the school day.

• Celebrate your child’s successes!
“It looks like you made great choices today.”
“We can tell you are putting all your effort into school this week. Great job!”