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Emergency Transportation Information is the emergency notification system that all schools in the Puget Sound area use, to which parents/staff can sign up for email or text notifications and receive the messages that media receive regarding school changes. Here is copy that schools can cut and paste into communications:
- Check District Website:
- Call Emergency Hotline: 425-831-8494
- Listen to Radio and TV news or FlashAlert Messenger app (Sign up for email/text notifications)
School Bus Notifications:  Parents can also sign up for BusBulletin , for texts or emails regarding their student’s specific school bus route, in the event of an unexpected delay (of 10 minutes or more). If parents signed up for this free service in the past, they may need to update their information if their student’s bus route, school, or home address has changed. To verify a student’s bus route, click on E-Link at: . To register for BusBulletin notifications, click here:
FlashAlert School Closure Information
The District uses  to post emergency closure information to media. Parents can also sign up to receive these notifications via text/email, through a mobile app, or they can view this information on the website. 
To subscribe:
·          Go to
·          Click on  View Local News.
·          Select Seattle/Western Washington.
·          Select Snoqualmie Valley SD.
·          Enter email address for new account, and hit Subscribe.
·          Follow instructions for confirming email address and options for your account.
FlashAlert’s mobile app, called FlashAlert Messenger , is the preferred and fastest method for parents/subscribers to get emergency closure media notifications on their mobile devices
Use of Mass Automated Call-out Notifications
Snoqualmie Valley schools use an automated mass notification system (School Messenger) to contact families by phone regarding emergencies, unexcused absences, and other school-related information. The Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) allows parents to opt out of receiving general information calls from the District and schools. Families who do not want to receive general automated phone calls need to let their school office know in writing, by September 15 each year. Please note that families who choose to opt out from phone calls may miss important information about their student(s).
Emergency Communications  
Please review the following steps now to be prepared when severe weather conditions(such excessive snow, flooding, ice, wind storms or power outages) may impact bus transportation and necessitate a change in our school schedule. On mornings of questionable weather, schedule change decisions are typically posted between 5:00-8:30 a.m. Please refer to the following resources to confirm the status of Snoqualmie Valley schools:
  • - SVSD district website
  • Emergency hotline: 425-831-8494
  • - Sign up for email/text notifications through their mobile app.
  • Local radio & TV stations
If there is no message from our District, assume that school is running on schedule. We do not post a "running on time" message. Be sure to check the sources above right before kids leave for school too, since weather conditions can change quickly in our climate. To learn how decisions are made in our district around schedule changes, read Be Prepared for School Schedule Changes. 
To prepare now... please print out the district's Emergency Transportation Information by selecting the Emergency Information icon on the district website's homepage. Keep this information with alternative bus "snow routes" in a handy location, in the event that your home loses power some morning and you cannot access information online. 
Emergency Call-Out System 
If an emergency occurs during the school day, our district has the ability to send out a recorded phone message to parents/guardians who have provided their schools with current cell and home phone numbers-through a service called SchoolMessenger. This call-out capability will only be used in the case of an emergency, assuming phone service is not impacted, and it will supplement updates posted on the district website. We do not use this call-out system for winter morning schedule changes --instead please continue to refer to the four resources bulleted above.