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New process for entering building starting 3/5/18

Starting Monday, March 5th, our school will implement a new feature within our security system.  The district's Operations and Technology departments have been working in unison with office staff to install and launch a new high-tech camera system.  This new safety feature will enable SES to keep the front doors in a locked position and monitor who is granted access to the building after students have arrived.

To access the building, everyone will need to follow these steps:

  • Visitors will need to use the camera entry system to be allowed into the building.  The camera has a built-in doorbell that will allow visitors to speak to the school secretaries and be "buzzed in" to the school.   Please push the doorbell button and look into the camera.  
  • Following the "buzz in", you will hear the entrance door on the right unlock and then you can enter the building.
  • Please remember that once you have entered the building, you must check in at the office. Visitors and volunteers will still be required to sign in at the sign-in kiosk with their drivers license. 

Thank you in advance for your patience as we fine tune this new procedure.  As always, student safety is at the heart of this decision.

Below is a picture of the new system by the main entrance. Instructions will be posted as well.