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Recommended Supply List 2019-2020 all grade levels

CKMS All Grade Recommended (NOT REQUIRED) Supply List:

Please note: some teachers will have specific requirements but will provide on first day of school.

4” white binder

6” clear ruler for graphing

2 packages of subject dividers

Zipper pencil pouch

Pens-blue, black, red

#2 pencils

Highlighter-2 colors

College ruled paper

Graph Paper

Spiral/Composition notebooks

Pencil sharpener

Colored pencils

Glue Stick

Post its

Large eraser/eraser caps

Scientific Calculator (optional, but recommend TI-30XIIS)


Clorox Wipes

2 locks – one for school locker and one for PE locker


PE requirements:

PE Shirt – purchase online, handed out by PE teacher (have student bring receipt)

Black shorts/sweats –bring from home