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CKMS Vision and Hearing Screening October 22nd, 7th grade only

Tuesday, October 22 7th graders will be come to the library through their science classes for Vision and Hearing screening.

The purpose of the vision and hearing screening is to aid in the detection of school-age children who have or are at risk for developing vision/hearing disorders. These screenings are performed on an annual basis.  If your child passes the vision and hearing screening, you may not be contacted by the school nurse. If your child fails the screening, you will be informed of the test results and provided with referral paperwork. 

Vision and hearing screening provides a snapshot of how your child performs on the day the test was administered and is not a substitute for a complete eye exam by an optometrist/ophthalmologist or audiologist/ENT.

Follow up should be arranged with an eye specialist (optometrist or ophthalmologist) or a hearing specialist (audiologist or ENT). Provide the specialist with the referral paperwork and return it to the school once it has been completed.