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CKMS ASB and PTSA Hawk-A-Thon...It's A Wrap!

What a great day!!! Thank you so much for your support today!

You can still donate up to May 13th! 


The goal this year is to raise $35,000 - if the school raises this amount, Mr. Allen and Mrs. Trifunovic will get a makeover for the day!

Other prizes include:

Level 1 - $0-$49          CKMS Hawk Lanyard

Level 2 - $50-$99        CKMS Hawk Lanyard + Free entry to ASB Dance May 20th

Level 3 - $100-$199    CKMS Hawk Lanyard + Free entry to ASB Dance May 20th + Lunchtime smoothie

Level 4 - $200-$500    CKMS Hawk Lanyard + Free entry to ASB Dance May 20th + Lunchtime smoothie + Ice Cream Party

The money raised goes towards CKMS PTSA and ASB. ASB will work with administration to make improvements for the students, such as microwaves and uniforms. PTSA facilitates a teacher grant process, where teachers apply for grant money to improve their classroom.

Previous years have supported CKMS teachers/staff with the following:

  • Fitness Room equipment
  • Snacks for the health room
  • Bouncy ball classroom chair
  • Reading support – through books/computer programs
  • Hawk buck motivation prizes

What exactly is the Hawk-A-Thon?

  • Grade level walking around the track as many times as possible
  • Costumes are optional
  • Special FRIDAY Schedule for the day to be posted next week
  • Rain or Shine!
  • Prizes will be handed out - prize sheet coming!
  • And most of all music, fun and more!

Historically speaking this event has been a fundraising staple of CKMS PTSA and ASB over the years. It is a high energy day - rain or shine. Typically we have had this event in the fall, but due to COVID restrictions this past October we moved it to spring time - let's hope for better weather! This is our first year back after a 2 year hiatus and hope you will consider donating to our programs at CKMS!