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Update! Learning tasks on Schoology will now be graded beginning April 6th

New! The weekly learning tasks posted each Monday in Schoology for each of your child’s courses will now be graded. This begins on Monday, April 6th. This work will impact your child’s final 2nd Semester grades. 

Principal Megan Botulinski will be reaching out to families of students who have yet to login to Schoology to see if your child needs any help or support accessing our technology. We want to make sure that all students and families are aware that beginning Monday, April 6th, all assignments on Schoology will be graded. 
If your family is currently experiencing a hardship that makes learning from home difficult, please send an email to your child’s school counselor. We will work with you to ensure your child is supported during this time.

We will also be in touch with families who have students served in Special Education or have a 504 plan regarding grading during the closure.


PARENTS: Important resources for supporting learning from home:

  • Please be sure your child logs in to Schoology every Monday. We encourage parents to login to Schoology as well.  Login tips are below.
  • Here are some tips for parents to support students who are reluctant to complete work: Refusal to Work Tip Sheet.
  • Help your child develop a schedule for the week. All new assignments will be posted in Schoology each Monday. Your child may need help figuring out how to divide them up over the week. Here is an example for middle school 6-period day:


Sample schedule for a middle school student

During the week of April 6 - 10, middle school families can expect to see the following:

  • New work posted on Monday, April 6 in Schoology. We recognize many parents are working from home or managing other challenges related to the pandemic, and therefore have a limited ability to help with schoolwork. Teachers are limiting assigned work to 2 hours/course/week, and are attempting to create learning tasks that can be completed with minimal parent assistance.
  • A video (either created by your child’s teacher or another teacher), or a link to a video related to the content for the week.
  • Introduction of new content. In Math, April 6 - 10 may include one more week of review, but new content will be introduced following Spring Break.
  • Feedback to students on assigned work.
  • Teachers are learning to use Microsoft Teams. Some teachers may reach out and invite your student to a meeting.
  • A phone call from the principal if your child has not yet logged in to Schoology.

Parents/Guardians, we strongly encourage you to also login to your child’s account so you can both support and encourage your child’s learning during the closure.


Schoology login information:

Students will log in from the student page using the Schoology icon or with our specific URL - - and use your Google Drive login information.

  • If you forgot your Google Drive password, any of your teachers can reset it for you.
  • New students – you can get your login/email address from any of your teachers (or the main office) and your password is your 6 digit ID number (you will be forced to change it when you first login). 


Parents sign-up for an account with your student's access code.  Ask a teacher or secretary for your access code and then, click here to login.  

  • Any of your student’s teachers (or the main office) can provide you with the parent access code
  • You can have multiple students under your account, but each student has a unique code you will need to add to the account.
  • Refer to this Schoology Parent Guide for instructions on how to get started and how to use Schoology.


For Schoology techinical questions, please contact Janice Wintermyer ( for assistance.

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