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Laptop tips and replacement parts

Keep your SVSD laptop in great condition and don't lose your charger or stylus.  (to avoid fines)


These tips keep SVSD laptops at their best performance:

-Turn off (shut down) the laptop each night.  This is important. 

-Login each morning to Classlink for apps to download updates and perform their best.

-Make sure you have your charger and fully charge the laptop each night.

-Having issues with your laptop?  Try these troubleshooting tips first before contacting tech support at

-Do not lose the charger, stylus or case you were given.  Items not returned to SVSD will incur fines.

-Need replacement parts?  Learn more here.


Replacement parts: My student lost their stylus or charging cord. What do I do?

Please contact the SMS Librarian, Carol Masters, for a replacement.  She has the same ACER stylus and charger in stock that came with your student's device - ready for purchase at cost.  To purchase, a "fine" will be added to your student's online payment account to be paid online.  The stylus is $42.40 and the charger is $17.40.  

Please note:  If you do not replace these lost items, you will be fined for them at these same prices (our cost) when you return your device to SVSD.  Buying your own off-brand replacement from Amazon or Best Buy is no longer accepted as a replacement part.


My student's Laptop is lost or damaged: What do I do?

Please contact the SMS Librarian, Carol Masters, to discuss.  Lost or damaged laptops incur a fine, either $293 or more depending on the device.  The fine will be charged to your student's online payment account to be paid online and the laptop will be replaced.


Additional items you may wish to purchase:

Stylus Velcro Holder

AAAA Batteries, for stylus, pack of 4