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Do you receive SMS school emails? Need a Schoology code?

Stay informed and connected to your student at SMS!  Three important ways:


1.  Schoology

Stay connected with teachers, assignments, grades and attendance with Schoology.  Parent codes for Schoology, assigned in past years at your elementary school or from SMS, remain the same no matter what school your student attends in our District. Schoology login and tech information for parents 


2. SMS Website

We update the SMS website news headlines daily.  We also include summaries of important SVSD headlines when it pertains directly to SMS families.


3. Parent emails

We send frequent emails via Constant Contact - in a digest format with SMS home page links to learn more. We also send breaking news like power outages or bus cancellations as needed. Please add yourself to the distribtution list (scroll down to find the link for SMS).  Be sure to add yourself to the District emails too.


We also post on our Facebook page to highlight or reinforce key messages posted online.  Thank you for doing your part to read and follow our information!