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How to pick up your student early, drop off an item, or report an absence

Need to pick-up your student early?

No need to come into the office - excuse your student early 2 ways:
1. Plan Ahead - get a Blue Slip
In the morning, have your student bring a note to the office. Your student will receive a Blue Slip to give their teacher at dismissal time. Teacher will excuse student from class to meet you in the front of the building at pickup time. No need to come to the office!
2. Call us when you get here
Call the office at 425-831-8450 when you arrive in the front of SMS. We will call your student out of class to meet you at your car. Please allow 5-10 extra minutes for this process.
Note:  After 1:45 p.m. the driveway at SMS is very congested.  We do not recommend trying to pull your student out after 1:45 p.m. as you may not be able to get into the parking lot on time.
Questions? Contact our Attendance Secretary, Angela Krpata at 425.831.8450.

Student forgot something at home? 

To drop items off for your student, including lunch or laptops, we have a Drop-Off table outside the SMS front door where these items can be delivered.

When dropping off:

  • Mark your item clearly with your student’s full name
  • If possible, text your student so they know to pick up the item at next passing period
  • Call the office at 425-831-8450 if leaving lunch or laptops (office will contact teacher)


Drop off


Report an absence 

Excuse an absence with an email to Angela Krpata or phone call to the office (425-831-8450, extension 1)


Arriving late?  

Excuse the tardy with a note or phone call to the office (425-831-8450)

Students come to the window outside the office to receive a blue slip before going to class

(Parents do not need to walk students in)