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Buy ASB Cards Online

Support ASB and buy an ASB Card! 


ASB Cards ($20) are required for all students that participate in SMS extra-curricular activities: clubs and sports.  ASB Cards are encouraged for all students - purchasing a card directly funds all student activities at SMS!  Buy an ASB Card for SMS here.


What is ASB?

ASB is the governing organization for all extra-curricular activities such as clubs, sports, dances, assemblies, leadership opportunities, and class trips.  The Associated Student Body (ASB) seeks to involve all students and encourage student growth, community service and school pride. 


What is the ASB Card?

Join ASB by purchasing an ASB Card.  Membership is $20 and directly funds all extra-curricular activities (assemblies, clubs, sports, events) this school year.  ASB Cards are also student ID cards and include your student's photo, name, and grade.  C


Thank you for supporting ASB at SMS!