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TFMS 8th Grade Promotion

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Class of 2023


Dear Parents,


Twin Falls Middle School will continue the tradition of holding an evening ceremony to celebrate 8th-grade promotion on June 13th, 2019.  Our doors open at 5:30 PM the festivities begin at 6:00 PM and are over around 7:30. PTSA will be offering refreshments after the event. All attendees, except for participating 8th grade students, must have a ticket to enter.


Tickets will be distributed to students on May 28th during class. Students will be required to sign for the tickets. Ask your student about it when they get home.


To ensure equity in ticket distribution, we will issue two tickets to each student.  Students with blended families will get two batches with two tickets for each side of the family. If you find you need extra tickets, the best thing to do is to check with other families, friends, or students who might not use their allotment. If you are holding spare tickets that you will not use, you can give them to other parents, or you can drop the extras off at the front office. The office will disburse additional tickets lottery-style. 


If you know you need an extra ticket, please fill out the form below.  If we draw your name, we will issue your family one ticket.  Your child will get the ticket at school.  Do not look for it in the mail. The office will only contact families who receive an extra ticket.   The ticket limits are for the safety of everyone involved in our ceremony and to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to have the people closest to them attend.


Please note that parking is always an issue and it may help to carpool.  Students will need to arrive on campus at 5:30pm, having had dinner.  Best wishes and congratulations to the class of 2021 and their families.  We look forward to seeing you at the ceremony.


Additional Ticket Request

Drawings will be: June 4th and June 7th (depending on space) 


One Ticket ONLY

Notification will only go to those awarded tickets. Please check with your student and watch your E-Mail.


To apply, complete the online request form posted in the TFMS NEWS area of the TFMS website.