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QR Code for Daily Attestations of Health Checks

On the days you are scheduled to attend school, all students MUST complete the Daily Health Screen  Group A must do this every Monday and Thursday even if at home sick.   Group B must do this every Tuesdsay and Friday even if at home sick.  The office receives a report of students that have completed the attestation; no need to show the health check at the door.


Check your email - the health check email will come to Guardian 1, Family 1, in Family Access. Look for:

Subject: Action Required: School Daily Symptom Check from:


Tip - do health check as a text:  Indicate you prefer future Daily Health Checks to come via text when prompted - faster and more convenient to do on your phone.


SVSD QR Code and Link - If you do not receive an health screen email or text link, on a day your student is scheduled to learn at school, please use either resource below to attest to your student's daily health.

SVSD QR Code for Attestations