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Rocket Club
Attention Rocketeers!
Do you want to built a rocket to compete in the largest rocket competition on the planet. You will build 2 personal rockets to keep. You will learn engineering concepts and design. We will use design and flight simulation software. We will use additive 3D printing and a laser cutter to fabricate our own parts and sub-assemblies. We will use flight telemetry computers, onboard altimeters, and ground video to analyze rocket performance and flight characteristics. We will learn about flight stability and how to built a safe stable rocket. We will use trigonometry and physics formulas to calculate and evaluate our competition rocket’s design requirements. We will assemble composite fuel rocket motors and set proper ejection charges. If you want to be an Design Engineer, Rocket Scientist, Flight Test Engineer, Payload Specialist, or Project Manager; or you just love to build stuff and play with gadgets, then please join our club. Meetings will be on Mondays and Tuesdays after school starting November 18th in Room C4. Please stop by the front office to pickup an information packet and to sign up!