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8th Grade - Camp Waskowitz

Join us at Camp WaskowitzWe are excited to share the news that we have a fantastic opportunity for our 8th graders!  We are participating in a leadership & low-ropes experience at Camp Waskowitz, here in North Bend.  


Because our current 8th graders had their 5th grade school year interrupted from COVID, not all were able to go to 5th grade camp.  The money that was allocated for that event was rolled up with them and has been sitting in an account waiting for the perfect opportunity. This makes it possible for us to provide the students with this adventure -  in addition to the annual 8th grade end-of-year activity.


Here is the plan moving forward:

      1. Wednesday, September 28th, all 8th graders with the last names A – L will go to Camp Waskowitz

      2. Thursday, September 29th, all 8th graders with the last names M – Z will go to camp Waskowitz 

      3. Students will be bused to the camp at 9:30 am, then will return to school at 1:50 (2nd-5th periods).  

      4. Lunch will be provided by Camp Waskowitz.

      5. Permission slips for Camp Waskowitz (w/dietary restrictions) AND Snoqualmie Valley School District must be completed and returned to the student’s Social Studies class by Friday, September 23rd.

      6. Students are expected to be in school on the day they do not go to the camp.


* Due to the number of students attending, we have to divide the students the way we have.  If students are “sick” the day they are scheduled to attend camp, they will miss out on this experience.   Pre-scheduled appointments on the day students are supposed to attend may be appealed to Principal D’Ambrosio to switch days.


We are really looking forward to this leadership experience for our students.



Twin Falls Middle School 



Waskowitz Permission Slip  

Waskowitz Challenge Health Form

Waskowitz Liability and Consent Form