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Twin Falls Middle School Elective Course Guide

Twin Falls Middle School Elective Course Guide


Coding -   Coding students will be learning the Python language. Students will use various resources to learn how to text code. They will create many different projects, ranging from basic text projects to coding in Minecraft and animating. 


Digital Media - In this course, students will learn elements and principles of design, as well as concepts of visual communication.  Students will survey a variety of media and art, use image editing, animation, photography, and video to put into practice the art principles learned.  As well as the opportunity to build robots, work with Sphero Bolt and RVR+ coding activities for movement. They will explore career opportunities in design, production, media, robotics, and coding.


ART - will make clay bobble heads, mugs you can really drink out of, printed landscapes, masks, drawn portraits, and paintings of still life objects!


BAND -  Awesome opportunity for middle school. We suggest most kids start at the beginning of 6th grade. 


Choir - No experience needed. Learn to sing beautifully, read sheet music and get stage experience. No audition required. Annual caroling in Leavenworth. Leadership opportunities available through “Choir board”


Creative Writing - Everyone has a story to tell! This class makes writing fun- from poetry to fairy tales, horror, Greek Myths, Sci-Fi and everything in between. Come for a supportive environment to share your creativity!


Spanish - ¡Hola! Spanish 1 is an academic elective, a foundational course for 8th graders to get you started on your language graduation requirement for high school. 

We learn communication basics–reading, writing, listening, and speaking–through greetings, numbers, colors, how to express likes and dislikes, how to describe people and places, and how to conjugate verbs. We also sing songs, learn a bit of Latin American geography, and cook authentic Latin American recipes (at home) for extra credit. 

This is a high school credited class that preps you to take Spanish 2 next year in high school, and the expectation is that you will do your best to study outside of class and actively participate in class.  


Weight Lifting - While being introduced to safe weightlifting techniques, students will design their own workouts striving to achieve their fitness goals. The students will understand fitness concepts such as the F.I.T.T principle and the different components of fitness. By using different concepts and training methods, students will feel comfortable in any gym environment in the future, knowing how to work out safely and effectively anywhere they go.


PE - Competitive Lifetime Sports - Come join in this competitive class with many lifetime activities including some of the following: European handball, badminton, pickleball, lacrosse, croquet, ultimate frisbee, cross country running, flag football, archery, softball and golf. Class focus includes the history of each sport, sportsmanship, safety and participation. Students are REQUIRED to dress down with a Twin Falls t-shirt, shorts or athletic pants such as soccer pants and PROPER athletic shoes.