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In Person Return March 22

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We are excited to be welcoming Two Rivers students back to in-person learning!   We have a lot of important information to share with you including dates, schedules, safety requirements and key steps that need to be taken by EVERYONE on campus to ensure a safe re-opening of the Two Rivers and Mount Si High School campus.  We realize this is a lot of information, but please take the time to read through it so that we can open up safely and continue to remain open! 


Important Dates:

  • Thursday, March 18:  TRS Return to In-Person Zoom 5:30 PM 
  • March 18 and March 19:  Asynchronous learning full days
  • Monday, March 22: All Two Rivers students return to in-person school, unless they’ve chosen remote learning


Students with MSHS classes will follow the phase in schedule below.  If/when a Two Rivers student is supposed to be remote in a MSHS class they will work remotely in our learning lab/commons area via Zoom. Group A (Last name A-K) will attend in person Monday and Thursday, and Group B (Last name L-Z) will attend Tuesday and Thursday.  For those students who are remaining 100% online, those students will attend classes remotely following the same bell schedule as in-person students.

  • Monday, March 22:  New Hybrid A/B- A/B Schedule begins for all; 9th Grade hybrid students start in person
  • Thursday, March 25:  12th Grade hybrid students start in person 
  • Monday, March 29: Remaining hybrid students in Grades 10/11 start in person 


To prepare for a safe return to school, please make sure you are familiar with the following key steps that must be followed by everyone returning to school.


Daily Health Check & Attestation—Daily Health Check and Attestation must be completed for each student prior to arriving at school or boarding a school bus, each day your student is scheduled for in person learning.  On the first morning that your student is scheduled to return in person, an email will be sent to the Parent1/Guardian1 email listed in Skyward for your student. The email will come from “Qualtrics”originating from with the email subject “Action Required: School Daily Symptom Check.” Please add this email address to the approved sender list in your email settings, so the email attestation can be delivered to your Inbox. Within that first email, you will have the option to opt-into a text message reminder to be sent directly to your student. To expedite the verification process on our end, we request that you complete the attestation at least 30 minutes prior to arrival each day your student attends school in person.  The health screen and attestation is the first layer of protection for our school community.  Please set aside time every morning to accurately complete this attestation to protect the health and safety of your child’s classmates and teachers.


Skyward/Family Access—Be sure to confirm, and edit if necessary, your information in Family Access (i.e., address, emails, phone #’s and emergency contacts).  The email listed under “Parent/Guardian 1” will be used when sending the daily attestation. 


Illness—If your student is sick in any way, they must be kept home - no exceptions.  Transmission of COVID-19 in our schools could necessitate a return to remote learning.


Masks—Wearing a properly fitted mask that covers the mouth and nose is required.  Please have a spare mask for your student in their backpack.  Students will be provided short mask breaks daily. 

Health & Safety Requirements—While we will work to support the needs of students and families, failure to adhere to district health and safety requirements (such as accurate daily attestations, keeping sick children home, wearing of masks, etc.) will result in a review of your child’s placement in the district’s in-person program.

Limit exposure—Please do your part at home to limit exposure with individuals outside your family to help ensure that school can remain open. 

Two Rivers Bell Schedule


Student Day at Two Rivers


We ask that all Two Rivers students and families familiarize themselves with the MSHS HYBRID Supplemental Health and Safety Plan. We are on the same campus as Mount Si, and many Two Rivers students take Mount Si classes, so we are a part of Mount Si’s plan.  This plan provides detailed safety protocols specific to the Mount Si High School building that all students and staff are required to follow to ensure the safety of everyone in the building.  




Before coming to school, every student must complete a Daily Health Check & Attestation.  Students are required to show proof of a completed Daily Health Check upon arrival to school and before entering the building.   All entrances will be marked with social distancing markers and staff will be supervising all entrances. 


Students may not arrive on campus prior to 8:05am.  Their will be three entrances open to students:


West gate at Freshman Campus Courtyard (bus riders)

East gate at Freshman Campus Courtyard

Main office entrance


Students who have not completed the Daily Health Check prior to arriving at school will be sent to a checkpoint for health screening to be done prior to entering the building.


Upon entering the building, students will go directly to their first period class.



All hallways and stairways  are marked with directional signage, and students may not loiter in the hallways during passing time. 


All Two Rivers students taking a 4th period class from a Two Rivers teacher will have lunch in the Two Rivers area. Students taking  Mount Si classes during 4th period will be assigned to a lunch based on their 4th period teacher, and should eat with the same group of students each day.  All available seats will have a QR code/link along with a seat number. The QR code/link takes them to a google form that asks for name and seat number. Students, in order to choose their lunch seats on a daily basis, will sit down and register where they are sitting during lunch. Students who do not register will be prompted to register by the supervisor of that area. Students who do not comply will receive an assigned seat.

This will be available for all indoor and outdoor seating locations.




Two Rivers  dismissal will be at 2:05pm. Students will utilize multiple exits to promote social distancing. 

Once dismissed, 

  • School exit doors should be propped open during dismissal to avoid a slowing/grouping of individuals at the doors.
  • School dismissal is at 2:05. Students should go immediately to the bus location,  personal vehicle or to the parent pick up zone. 
  • Bus Riders - should load all riders together and leave (no lingering / limit waiting on parked buses).
  • After school clubs may meet in building, with a capacity of 5 students. Meetings over 5 students must be done virtually.
  • Students participating after school sports will report to a designated location as instructed by their coaches.. 
  • All other students will exit out of the main doors of the FC or the north end of the main building. 
  • Students should exit out of the same route that they entered. 
  • Signage will encourage both social distancing and directional routes.


Early Dismissals:

Non essential visitors will not be permitted to enter the building. Parents/guardians should call the Two Rivers office at 425-831-4200 for student dismissals.   The office will call the classroom to dismiss the student, and the student will exit the building at the nearest exit. 

Our New Normal

In addition to the logistics above, for in-person learning to move forward, it is important for our school community to have a clear understanding of this new normal. Hybrid learning will only be a viable and sustainable option if EVERY family commits to and follows our district health and safety plans -- with particular focus on the key points below emphasized by our health professionals:

Every student needs to attest every day.

As a condition of in-person learning, every student must have their health screened (including temperature) every day they are scheduled for in-person learning and BEFORE leaving home for school, and report their findings through an attestation. Screening and attestation are an important part of our health and safety plan. It is important for families to understand that in order to maintain in-person learning functions, we do not have the capacity to repeatedly follow up with families that do not attest. Please make this a priority. Learn more about how to attest in the Expectations section of our Return-to-School Safety Handbook for Families.

Please keep students home that are showing any symptoms of illness.

Unlike pre-COVID, students with ANY ill symptoms, even minor, CANNOT be allowed at, and should NOT be sent to school.  ALL students with any ill symptoms will need to have spoken with and been cleared by the school nurse before allowed to return to school for in-person learning. Additionally, should students develop ANY ill symptoms at school, families need to be readily available by phone and have a pre-arranged plan for rapid pickup.  To stay open for in-person learning, we cannot have ill students waiting on-site. There’s more information about when to keep your student home and return criteria in the Expectations and COVID Response sections of our Return-to-School Safety Handbook for Families.

Expectation of following Health and Safety Requirements

While we will work to support the needs of students and families, failure to adhere to district health and safety requirements (such as accurate daily attestations, keeping sick children home, wearing masks, etc.) will result in a review of your student’s placement in the district’s in-person program.

We will have COVID cases at school. 

All families should expect our schools to experience the same level of COVID activity as our surrounding communities.  Our health and safety plan is based on this reality with the goal of our mitigation and response strategies to minimize the transmission from these expected cases within our schools.  Part of this reality includes our response strategy that calls for the quarantining of exposed individuals.  For our students participating in in-person learning, it is likely they will be quarantined at some point this year. As such, we encourage families to have pre-arranged supervision plans at the ready for what could be multiple lengthy quarantine periods.  Find more information on our notification of COVID cases on the Communication page of the COVID Response section of our Return-to-School Safety Handbook for Families.


Thank you for partnering with us to safely bring our students back to in-person learning and please utilize these parent checklists to help you prepare.


Also, thank you for setting aside time to read through this lengthy email and all our communication and resources. I cannot tell you how excited we all are to have your sons and daughters back in our building!


 Thank you for partnering with us to safely bring our students back to in-person learning and please utilize these parent checklists to help you prepare.


We encourage every family to read through all of the important  information found on these web pages below to keep our school community as safe as possible.



Thank you for taking the time to read through this lengthy email and all of our links and resources! We look forward to seeing our students on March 22!