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MSHS Announces "Pride Time" on Wednesdays



What is it ?

Pride Time will meet every Wednesday after 3rd period. This time is intended to give students academic support time built into the school day and help them develop their High School and Beyond Plans.

When is it?

We are going to run a special schedule with Pride Time every Wednesday.  After 3rd period, you will go to your Advisory teacher, which you will see listed in Family Access as PERIOD 8.  Please make sure to check Family Access for your assigned teacher/location.
1st period          7:40-8:29
2nd period         8:34-9:23
3rd period         9:28-10:17
PRIDE TIME    10:22-11:07
4th period (a)   11:12-12:01 - 2nd lunch 12:01-12:31
4th period (b)   11:42-12:31 - 1st lunch 11:07-11:37
5th period         12:36-1:25
6th period         1:30-2:19

Why do we need this?

Many students have expressed concerns about anxiety and stress levels facing students who have little time to get help after school because of other commitments (participation in high school sports is one example). Teachers and counselors have also voiced concerns that there needs to be more time in the school day for teachers and students to connect individually on grades, homework or simply to help build relationships.

What if I want to just work on homework?

YES! Again the idea behind this time is to give some time back to students and teachers. We are trusting you to use this time productively. This isn’t social time with friends.  

What should I do if I want to use this time to connect with another teacher?

You will fill out a form before Wednesday; this should be given to the teacher you are requesting to visit. They will then sign this and return it to you (like a field trip form). Then during Pride Time, you will use this as your hall pass to travel to the teacher you want to see. This Pride Time hall pass will be signed on your arrival by the teacher, as proof that you made it to the class and stayed for this period.

What should I do if I want to go to a teacher’s room to work on a project, do test corrections, complete missing assignments?  The same system applies: fill in the form and have the teacher sign it. The teacher needs to know you are coming and they may have to limit how many people travel to their class.