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New Block Schedule for 2018-2019 School Year

In March of 2016 the High School Schedule Advisory Committee (HSSAC) began studing alternative bell schedule options that would better accommodate programming as result of new state graduation requirements (CORE 24), as well as address additional objectives such as a growing interest in Project/Problem Based Learning, and improving interventions for struggling learners, increasing awareness of the social/emotional needs of students and giving students increased access to teachers. 


The committee comprised of teachers, an SVEA representative, administrators, students and parents.  Their work can be found here.


In June of 2017, the HSSAC presented the following schedule which was approved by MSHS Staff and will be implemented for the 2018-2019 school year:

  • Block Days: Block days will be initially scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday with each instructional block being approximately 88 minutes in length.


  • Additional Block Days: Opportunities to add additional block days (beyond 2 days per week) will be scheduled occasionally during the 2018-19 school year (to give staff and students an opportunity to “experiment” with a schedule with more block time).


  • Seven Period Days: Seven instructional periods per day will be scheduled on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. The seven periods on Monday and Thursday will be approximately 48 minutes in length. The seven periods on Friday Early Release will be approximately 31 minutes in length.


  • Pride Time: Pride time(advisory)activities will be scheduled on Wednesdays.  Wednesdays will also include a "Power Hour" where students will have opportunities to meet with teachers, catch up on homework, etc.  The "Power Hour" is essentially the student's time to use as they need to.


The first 3 days of the school year will run as follows:


Day 1 – Aug. 29th (4th-7th/40 min. class periods)

  • 3 hr. late start for upperclassmen
  • Freshman report to school normal time for transitional/welcome to MSHS activities (Link Crew)
  • Class Schedule:

1st Lunch 10:40-11:10 & then 4th pd. 11:15-11:55

4th pd. 10:40-11:20 & then 2nd Lunch 11:20-11:55

5th pd. 12:00-12:40

6th pd. 12:45-1:25

7th pd. 1:30-2:19


Day 2 – Aug. 30th (1st-7th/50ish min. class periods)

  • Class schedule:

1st pd.  7:40-8:28

2nd pd.  8:33-9:21

3rd pd.  9:26-10:14

4th pd.  10:19-11:07

5th pd. (1st Lunch) 11:42-12:30

5th pd. (2nd Lunch) 11:12-12:00

1st Lunch  11:07-11:37

2nd Lunch 12:00-12:30

6th pd.  12:35-1:23

7th pd.  1:28-2:19


Day 3 – Aug. 31st (1st-3rd + Adv. & Assembly/40 min. class periods)

  • Class schedule:

1st pd.  7:40-8:35 (55 min)                              

2nd pd. 8:40-9:35 (55 min)                             

Adv.      9:40-10:10 (30 min)               

3rd pd. (1st Lunch) 10:45-11:35                      

3rd pd. (2nd Lunch) 10:15-11:05                       

1st Lunch   10:10-10:40                                   

2nd Lunch   11:05-11:35                                  

Assembly  11:40-12:19      



The bell schedules for the 2018-2019 school year can be found here.


The schedule will be evaluated prior to the end of the 2018-2019  school year using a survey administered during the school day to ALL staff and students, and modifications may or may not be made based on the outcome of the data.