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Interested in being a 5th grade camp counselor?


  • Mount Si High School students in grades 10-12 have the opportunity to volunteer as a 5th grade Camp Counselor for our elementary schools.  Students who are interested in working with kids in a camp setting should:

    • Be responsible and dependable
    • Possess excellent leadership skills
    • Have a positive attitude and the ability to accurately follow instructions
    • Serve as a good role models for 5th grade students


    Camp Information & Application Deadlines

    Opstad Elementary
    Location: Camp Seymour
    Dates: Sept 17 - 19
    Application Deadline: Sept 12, 2018
    Fall City Elementary School
    Location: Camp Seymour
    Dates: Oct 8 - 10
    Application Deadline: Sept 20, 2018


    Application Process

    STEP 1: Complete the APPLICATION FORM.
    STEP 2: Ask six teachers from previous school years to complete the confidential STUDENT EVALUATION FORM for TEACHERS.
    STEP 3: Ask two adults, other than parents/guardians or teachers to complete the online RECOMMENDATION FORM. Seek out adults who know you well and can describe your qualifcations for being a camp counselor.
    STEP 4: Thank the people who completed your recommendations and evaluations.


    Helpful Hints

    • Provide details about any of your experiences that are directly related to working with kids.  Have you taught lessons, been a lifeguard, volunteered or worked as a babysitter?
    • Describe situations in which your leadership skills were utilized.
    • Consider any experiences you have had that could prove useful in an outdoor educational setting and describe them.
    • Include any information about First Aid, CPR, water safety, babysitting or any other training you have acquired.
    • This application is a reflection of you.  Respond comprehensively to each question and proofread your application before turning it in.