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Please stop by the MSHS ASB Giving Tree

Mount SI ASB is running a Giving Tree for teens in the valley from November 20th - December 18th.


The idea around the Giving Tree is to help teens in need throughout our valley to get something for the holidays. We are collecting gifts from students, parents, teachers, and other community members that we will let the teens pick from, based on what they would like to have most. The rest of the extra gifts that are not taken will be sent to Kiwanis, an organization that will send out the gifts to homeless in the Seattle area.


There will be two Giving Trees; one placed right in front of the ASB room and another in front of the Office. There will be tags hanging on the trees that students and parents can take, that will give them ideas on what some teens in need would like to have (they are just suggestions, they don't necessarily need to give them those things). These items include things like water bottles, toiletries, chargers, headphones, sweatshirts, etc. 


Thank you, and Happy Holidays from MSHS ASB!


Giving Tree