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Beginning in 2020 will be will implementing a new process for selecting student speakers for our Graduation Ceremony.  The Senior Class boards have spent the last two years working on this process based on recommendations from different groups.
In the past, class valedictorians were selected to speak at graduation.  With the increasing number of valedictorians and the desire to ensure the speakers represent the class as a whole, the board elected to make the change to an application process.   Valedictorians will continue to be recognized by the Principal at the ceremony and may apply to be one of the two Senior Speakers.
Applications are available in the counseling center, or may be downloaded here.  Students must include their completed speech with their application.   Applications are due April 1st.
A review panel consisting of the Principal, teachers, Senior Class Advisors and Junior Class Board Reps will review the speeches and applications and will select 2 speakers for the Graduation Ceremony.