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3/18/20 - Message from Principal Belcher to Students and Families

Dear Wildcat Students and Families,


We miss you! The current school closure is a very difficult situation, and we really miss all of our students. The best part of our work is the energy our students bring to Mount Si High School. It brings me heartbreak to see empty halls, missing smiles and lack of fist bumps (well, elbow bumps at least). To see the classrooms empty of amazing educators and to miss my colleagues who devote so much to their students is difficult for us all. I want you to know, we care deeply about you and we are all extremely sorry this is having an impact on you. We are working hard in the background with the State, District Leadership, Union Leadership and our incredible staff to make this unexpected break worthwhile for our students. We will continue to communicate new information as it becomes available to us. It will take all of us to make this a meaningful experience for an entire generation of youth. We all need to step up to the challenge. 


Please understand our District's first priority for week one was child care, food services, and  preparing for remote learning. We are limited by directives from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)  regarding what is allowable. We are restricted to optional, non-graded activities, for now. Our School District Staff and Teachers are currently preparing for how to move forward with remote learning, and do it consistently and equitably between teachers. We know many also  have questions on AP, College in the High School, how we will adequately prepare you for courses, exams, graduation, and how grades will be awarded. We are working through these complex issues and will be communicating this as we are able to answer these questions. 


Even though this is difficult, we must all do our part to help lessen the spread of Covid-19 by heeding the advice of medical professionals and keeping our distance from others.  As you saw from my previous correspondence, we have our first confirmed case of Covid-19 at Mount Si High School. Even though you may be healthy and are symptom free, any of us could be carriers at this time and be unknowingly spreading the virus. While we all want to know if we were exposed, and who the individual was,  the honest fact for all of us is we should operate like we have been exposed, and stay home. By law, we are restricted from sharing information you are likely to request regarding your exposure, and who it was. I have included a link to the Public Health tip sheet on"What to do if you were potentially exposed to someone with confirmed coronavirus disease (COVID-19)"

to help guide you.   


Seniors, I recognize that this is a special time for you, and it is difficult not knowing what the next few weeks and months will hold.  I will do all in my power to ensure you have the best possible senior year. I encourage you to continue to be role models for your underclassmen and help them get through this tough situation.


Important Student Information


Monitor your email and your teachers' Schoology pages daily.


Log in and actually engage- just because it is optional, or non-graded, this is your learning, your future- you should do more than teachers are asking of you at this time.


Monitor our District and Mount Si High School Website.


Review District resources

on free food and a variety of current information on COVID-19.   


School Closure Updates Great resource updated daily for State Testing, AP, Running Start, Registration.


Registration for 2020-2021 is currently open- March 17th - March 22nd. Counselors are available remotely- go to this link for video, FAQ's, and contacts for questions.  


Questions regarding payments or refunds, please email Libby Phillips at or Keri Wheeler at 



Principal Suggestions


Read an hour per day!! Look up top books of all time, college reading lists, SAT/ACT suggested reading list, or pick a book of interest and just read.



Write/Journaling: This is an important historical event, spend a little time documenting about it each day; this will help you academically, as well as your social and emotional health. 



Remote Career Fair: Engage with your relatives remotely, and find out more about their career, how they chose it, their opinion of the pros and cons of the career



Compassion Project: keeping a safe distance, how can you help your neighbor, or a relative? Write letters to the elderly, or first responders, medical employees, have them delivered to assisted living facilities or hospitals.   



Independent passion project: You have a unique opportunity with more free time:



Learn something new, take on a personal interest. What is it you wish you knew how to do, but never had the time to do it? I always hear students say they would like to know how to do taxes and have financial literacy.... go online, learn it!




Investing- Follow the current trends in our stock market and learn how it is influenced which is a prime opportunity right now.  




Learn how to paint a room, wash and wax your mom's car, change the oil, use battery cables, or change a tire. Fill all the fluids in the family cars.




Wax your skis, fix your brother's bike, or accomplish a project for your parents around the house.  




Watch You-Tube lessons on a variety of personal interests, or any of the above.




Work out daily!  



Cook a meal for your family.



We cannot afford to just wait and see. Now is a chance for you to push yourself to utilize your time well and learn something. The best characteristic you could develop at this time is personal responsibility to grow and utilize this time effectively. I would recommend that you structure your day to do what teachers are asking of you, and what you are asking of yourself. 


If I can help you in any way, or you need a listening ear, I have time: 


All my best, and be well,


John Belcher

Principal, Mount Si High School