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Continuous Learning - schedule begins April 20th

Mount Si High School:


Important update: Beginning Monday, April 20, we will implement a schedule of regular class period meetings at MSHS for teachers and students. While these class period meetings are not required of students, teachers will engage students with the new content and learning for the week, allow for questions, and connect students with one another. Important learning will occur during these times, which will be vital for student success next year. Teachers will also offer support for the completion of the weekly assignments, which are required and graded. Please encourage your child to participate so that learning can continue during the closure. Teachers will provide instructions for how to access their class periods in their Monday morning Schoology updates. NOTE: Students need to join all class periods at the beginning, so the class sessions can run smoothly and are not disrupted due to late arrivals.


Please note that some of our teachers are still facing technology barriers related to connectivity, as well as limitations with how they can interact with students as a result of working with old devices. Class periods may not always go as planned, and you may notice differences in what teachers offer due to some teacher device and connectivity limitations. We will do our best, and we appreciate your patience as we figure this out. All teachers are excited to learn new skills and reconnect with their students, so please bear with us while we work out the kinks!


MSHS Schedule:


PARENTS: How you can support your child with learning from home:

  • Please be sure your child logs in to Schoology every Monday. 
  • Monitor your child’s grades in Skyward. Please reach out to the teacher if your child needs help.
  • Encourage your child to attend class sessions and take advantage of the afternoon appointment time available for additional help.
  • Contact your child’s school counselor for support if he/she refuses to do the assigned work.
  • Review these Microsoft Teams classroom expectations with your student. 
  • Review the weekly tasks with your child, and help your child build a schedule for managing the week. A middle school and high school example are below.


During the week of April 20-24, you can expect to see the following:

  • Scheduled Class meetings -- please have your student participate!
  • Designated time during each week for students to schedule meetings with their teachers for extra support.
  • New work posted on Monday, April 20, in Schoology. 
  • Feedback to students on assigned work.


We again ask that if you have not received information from your teacher, or are having challenges with devices or connectivity, that you please contact your building administrator. Be sure to visit our COVID-19 Resources webpage for Food Services, Child Care for healthcare workers, and Mental Health and Crisis Resources if you or anyone you know may need support.