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Video and Photos from Graduation Virtual Ceremony available!

It’s time! Graduation photos are ready! Thank you for attending this year’s virtual graduation! All photos are available and ready to be viewed and selected for purchase. Below are instructions on how to access the ordering system.

To order your graduate’s photos, use this link:

Or follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Event Name”
  3. Enter your event name: mtsigrads20 and select “Search Now”
  4. Enter your graduate’s last name and click “Continue”
  5. Select your graduate’s name and your pictures should appear. Enjoy!

Since this year’s graduation has been affected by the pandemic, we’d like to offer a 10% discount on any order over $25.00.

Just use the code: covidcoupon at the end of checkout.
Contact us with any questions at or 206.790.3696