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Yearbook Distribution:  Our delivery has been pushed back AGAIN.  The printer has been having all sorts of ongoing issues due to the pandemic. We do not have a delivery date at this time. We have been advised by our rep that it will be “late September.”  This is frustrating all around especially for the yearbook staff who worked so hard to get the book done and done well. At this point, we have done literally everything we can to get the books here in a prompt manner. Unfortunately,  there are just issues out of our control—and out of the control of our printer as well—due to the pandemic.
We will continue to update you as we receive any new information.  Thank you for your patience!

  • $65 each, at the online payment portal.
  • We have approximately 200 books left to sell, and they will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once they're gone, they're gone, so please purchase early.
  • Books will be on sale until they sell out.
  • PLEASE check your purchase history here prior to buying a book, to make sure you don't purchase a duplicate.
  • Yearbooks are a non-refundable purchase.