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Parent/Teacher Conferences set for November 23-25

Parent/Teacher conferences traditionally have been a time for parents and teachers to meet to discuss the progress of their student through the first half of the first semester of the school year. In light of the current remote learning environment, we are introducing a new format for this year's conferences.
Conference days for this year will be as follows:
Monday, November 23rd
Tuesday, November 24th
Wednesday, November 25th
Students will have early release on these days, and all classes will be asynchronous. Attendance is required and students must complete the asynchronous activity to be counted as present.
Conferences will conducted virtually over Zoom, and may occur one of two ways:
  • Targeted Conferences by Teacher Invite: Teachers may request a parent/student conference if a student is struggling or needs intervention. These conferences will be scheduled during asynchronous class periods on Monday and Tuesday (see times below.)
  • Parent/Student Request: Ten-minute Zoom conferences will be available by parent or student request. Sign-up information for these conferences will be available on teacher Schoology pages by 4pm on Friday, November 13th. Please call the main office at 425-831-8100 if you need your student's Schoology access code.
Class schedules and and parent/student request conference session times will differ daily. Please see below for days/times:
Monday, November 23rd
Period 0 - 7:45-8:35
Period 1 - 8:45-9:35
Period 2 - 9:45-10:35
Period 3 - 10:45-11:35
12:10-3:30 - Conferences - Parent/Student Request
4:30-7:30 - Conferences - Parent/Student Request
Tuesday, November 24th
Period 0 - 7:45-8:35
Period 4 - 8:45-9:35
Period 5 - 9:45-10:35
Period 6 - 10:45-11:35
LUNCH - 11:35-12:05
Period 7 - 12:05 - 12:55
1:00 - 3:30 - Conferences - Parent/Student Request
Wednesday, November 25th
8:00-11:40 - Conferences - Parent/Student Request
12:10-1:00 - Advisory (required)
We would like to give all parents/students the opportunity to conference with their teacher, however this virtual format may limit time. We ask for thoughtful consideration when requesting a conference.....if your student is academically on-track and able to manage at a level you/they are comfortable with, please consider allocating your time to students/families who may need the additional time with teachers.
We realize students may be struggling in different ways, so please utilize the resources here if your students are needing social-emotional support.
Thank you for your continued support of your students and staff. Teachers are committed to creating successful conferences and are ready to discuss grades, attendance and your student's performance. We look forward to connecting with you.