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Important info from our school nurses....

 Important reminders from our school nurses:

  • Students need to remain home if they have symptoms, regardless of if they have been vaccinated or not. If they have multiple symptoms they need to be tested for Covid prior to returning to school. Please note we do have testing available onsite to assist in clearing students to return to school.


  • If your student has life threatening allergies, asthma, seizures or any other medical concern that requires life saving medication we need your child’s medication and doctors orders to be submitted ASAP to keep from them being excluded from school


  • Please take a moment to review our new test to stay policy for unvaccinated students. The test to stay policy allows students who have been exposed to Covid-19 at school to continue to come to in person classes to decrease the likelihood of falling behind academically. Note that while they may be allowed to come to school they are excluded them from participating in any extracurricular activities at or outside of school, and must be tested at school or a testing facility 2 times during the modified quarantine (ideally day 3 & 5 following exposure) . This provides a modified quarantine to allow students the ability to continue learning as long as they are not experiencing any symptoms after an in school exposure.