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MSHS 9th Graders will receive Forefront Suicide Training on 12/7

Dear Caregivers,

This is a notification to let you know that your Freshman (9th) grade student will be receiving the Forefront Suicide Prevention LEARN® Training on 12/7/2021 in their Language Arts class.


Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people, and it is preventable.


Each year, our goal will be to teach our students how to recognize the warning signs of suicide, get help for a friend who may be at risk of suicide and knowing how to access resources for teens.  Our school, along with other high schools across the state have received consultation from Forefront Suicide Prevention, a center out of the University of Washington to help us follow a comprehensive model for preventing suicide.  This model includes annual training for staff/administrators, parents/caregivers and students using Forefront’s training curriculum. 


We are aware that this training may be triggering or upsetting for some students.  We will be providing a safe space for those who wish to opt out. Our hope is that all students will receive this training. However, if you and/or your student feel that it would be most appropriate to opt out please contact the counseling center, by 12/6/2021.


Parent Training

Parents play an important role in helping their children stay safe.  We highly encourage all of our parents to attend the Forefront Suicide Prevention LEARN® Training which will be on 12/2/2021 via Zoom.  Further details about this training have been posted through constant contact and on our website.


What Parents Can Do

Setting aside time to talk and de-brief with your teen about what they learned from this presentation will be especially helpful.   School counselors are available to hear any concerns you may have regarding your own child and/or another student.  Counseling Center: 425-831-8150


Crisis Resources 

We encourage you to add these 24/7 crisis resources to your contacts and also share with friends.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline



Crisis Connections



Crisis Text Line

Text the word ‘HEAL’ to 741741


For any questions regarding this training, please contact: Sloan Westerman or Diane Sidari.

Thank you,

Suicide Prevention Team + Mount Si High School Counseling Center


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