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MSHS Drama presents "Cinderella" December 10-12

We are thrilled to invite the community to our fall muscial production of "Cinderella"  in our new Performing Arts Center on December 1-th, 11th and 12th. 


The Department of Health has issued recommendations and guidelines for Performing Arts and they can be found here. If you take a look at page 17, you can see the specific recommendations they have for us regarding Performing Arts.


Here is a quick summary of some of the specific guidelines we wanted to bring your attention to as an audience member in the section titled Performances, Rehearsals, and Events (page 17) of DOH guidelines. We have already addressed ventilation, social distancing during rehearsals, wearing appropriate masks correctly, practicing good hygiene, encouraging full vaccination status, and have at least 6 feet of spacing between the audience and the performing artists. Additionally, we are requesting:


  • Capacity in the PAC will be limited to 400 people per performance.
  • Universal Masking of all Audience members regardless of vaccination status
  • Masks must fully cover mouth and nose and must be tightly woven fabric, no mesh 
  • For performances, audience members should be seated in “family units” and those small groups should be spaced at least 6 feet apart. We will be requesting that families sit in family units and leave some space between you and the next family or audience members. 


It is highly recommedned that tickets be ordered well in advance of the performance you would like to attend.   Tickets may be ordered online HERE.  If we have not reached event capacity for any of the performances, there will be a limited amount of tickets available at the door.