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End of year materials return dates - IMPORTANT!

Book/Device Return

  • Fines for items checked out to students will be posted in the Online Payment System for ALL students June 3rd. These are not acutal fines, but an inventory list of the items your student(s) have checked out.
  • Please do your best to look for these items in your house, car, friends' house, work, etc.  We would rather have the books back than have you pay the fine.


Textbooks, novelettes, calculators, loaner computers, etc will be turned in to LA teachers the week of June 13th. Laptops will remain checked out to students until they graduate, so those can be kept with the student over the summer.Material check in days:


Juniors: June 13th

Sophomores: June 14th

Freshman: June 15th


Please turn in books from previous years directly to a librarian; these books have to be checked in differently.



Materials return is June 8th!

Laptop, stylus, case, charger, textbooks, novelettes, calculators, mini skeletons, and all other library books (even from middle school/previous years) need to be returned.

  • Students will come to the library with their LA teacher on June 8th will ALL materials.
  • Graduation Tickets will be given out June 8th and 9th after all school items are turned in and/or their fines are paid.
  • Students will not be allowed to walk at graduation if they have outstanding items or fines.

1-1 Device fines if not returned:

Stylus: $42.40

Charger: $17.40

Case: $25

Computer with all components: $195.66


If you have any questions about library materials please contact Megan Maxwell at


Please check your payment history in the Online Payment System to check for your student's outstanding fines.  If you have questions about fines please contact our finance department.

Keri Wheeler

Libby Phillips