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Student Medications at School


For students with health conditions that require medications on site such as Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Seizures,  Diabetes, or other health conditions, it is required students have the medication and medication orders in our Health Room. Students should not have any medications (including over the counter medications) on campus without an accompanying medication order.

We encourage students with inhalers or epi-pens to have their doctor educate them, implement, and sign a self-carry order and for students that need them to always have them in their school and/or after-school activity bag while on campus. Note that this does require the doctor to sign off and the nurse will need verification from guardians that the student has the medication on site, and as such the student and guardian will be responsible to ensure the medication is not expired and with the student at all times.

For questions, please contact our Nurse at 425.831.0224.