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Graduation Speaker Process Now Open, Applications due April 3rd

Graduation Speaker Application for the Class of 2023


This information was presented to seniors during Advisory on 3/2/22.


In 2020 we implemented a new process for selecting senior speakers for our graduation ceremony. This allows all seniors to apply to be one of two speakers selected. 

Please note that Valedictorians will be recognized by our Principal at the ceremony, and may apply to be one of the two senior speakers for graduation.



Applications are due on April 3rd.  

Students may bring hard copies of these documents, or scan and email them to Mrs. Lutz at the email listed below.


Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Five speeches will be selected to present to the Review Panel on April 20th.  Speeches will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Engaging Speech-story, appropriate humor, message to class

  • Vision for future or a reflection of your experience (or both)

  • Relatable by all in attendance-no inside jokes and meaningful for the class, and not independent students

  • Be unique and interesting, keep our attention!

  • Under 5 mins

The Review Panel will identify two speakers for graduation.  At least one speaker will be a Valedictorian candidate (could be a co-speaker situation).


Questions:  please contact Joan Lutz, School Office Manager,