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Continuous Learning Update for the Week of April 6-10

April 3, 2020


Hello Snoqualmie Valley families,


Below is the weekly update from the SVSD Teaching and Learning department summarizing the progress we’ve made and the next steps we’re taking on our Continuous Learning Plan.


Elementary Schools:

All “Weekly Stay Engaged” plans are available through your student’s teacher. If you did not receive an email from your teacher, are in need of a device, or are having difficulty accessing information in the weekly plan, please contact your student’s teacher who will connect to the correct person for assistance. If you need assistance for a child that has an IEP, please contact your child’s case manager. 


Weekly Stay Engaged plan for elementary students


During the week of April 6 - 10, elementary familes can expect to see the following:

  • New Weekly Stay Engaged plans email to you by your student’s teacher
  • Whole class Web conference (Hello)
  • A guide for elementary students and parents for login information to Schoology
  • A link to a video from your student’s teacher that highlights some assignments
  • Connections with your teacher via email, Schoology, Google Doc, or web conference
  • Dreambox Math available for all students K-5
  • Video connection with specialists (ie. PE, music, etc.)


Middle Schools and Mount Si High School:

Important update! The weekly tasks posted in Schoology each Monday for each of your child’s courses will now be graded. This begins on Monday, 4/6/20. This work will impact your child’s final 2nd Semester grades. We will be in touch with families who have students served in Special Education or have a 504 plan regarding grading during the closure. If your family is facing hardship or there are other circumstances that will make learning from home difficult for your child, please email your child’s school counselor. We will work with you to ensure we find a route to success that meets the needs of your child and family. We are willing to explore other grading options for students who are having difficulty with remote learning.


PARENTS: Important resources for supporting learning from home:

  • Please be sure your child logs in to Schoology every Monday. If you would like to log in to Schoology as a parent, or your child needs help logging to Schoology, please follow this link for instructions:
  • Here are some tips for parents to support students who are reluctant to complete work: Refusal to Work Tip Sheet.
  • Help your child develop a schedule for the week. All new assignments will be posted in Schoology each Monday. Your child may need help figuring out how to divide them up over the week. Here is an example for middle school 6-period day:


Sample schedule for a middle school student

During the week of April 6 - 10, middle school and MSHS families can expect to see the following:

  • New work posted on Monday, April 6 in Schoology. We recognize many parents are working from home or managing other challenges related to the pandemic, and therefore have a limited ability to help with schoolwork. Teachers are limiting assigned work to 2 hours/course/week, and are attempting to create learning tasks that can be completed with minimal parent assistance.
  • A video (either created by your child’s teacher or another teacher), or a link to a video related to the content for the week.
  • Introduction of new content. In Math, April 6 - 10 may include one more week of review, but new content will be introduced following Spring Break.
  • Feedback to students on assigned work.
  • Teachers are learning to use Microsoft Teams. Some teachers may reach out and invite your student to a meeting.
  • A phone call from the principal if your child has not yet logged in to Schoology.
  • Communication about dates and process for AP testing.
  • Communication about World Language Competency/Seal of Biliteracy testing.


Two Rivers School:

  • Each student and family can expect ongoing outreach and individualized, personalized support from Two Rivers staff members during the closure. Staff members will continue sharing information about the status of student progress toward earning credits, and inquiring about the specific supports needed for students to continue progress toward graduation. 


Update for Seniors:

  • The State Board of Education will be finalizing their Emergency Rules for Graduation Requirements by late next week. We should have more specific guidance and information after this time.
  • Next week, teachers with seniors in their classes will review expectations for working with seniors for the remainder of the year.
  • Next week, each teacher will receive a list of the seniors who need to pass their course in order to graduate. They will be asked to carefully monitor the progress of these students in their classes.
  • Seniors will receive communication from MSHS counselors prompting them to identify the classes they must pass in order to graduate.
  • Parents: Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the graduation tab in Family Access (via Skyward) to see which classes are needed for your student’s graduation from high school. If you have questions about graduation requirements, please reach out to your school counselor. 

Directions for locating Graduation Requirements in Skyward:

Log into Skyward: (If you need username information, email: In the blue box on the left hand side, three quarters of the way down, you will see the Graduation Requirements tab.  Click to view Graduation Requirements

  • Parents:  Please ask your student about his/her progress on the High School and Beyond Plan. We are monitoring completion of this weekly. We still have several students who need to complete their plans.
  • Bridge to College and Financial Algebra:  Some of our students must pass this course in order to meet the assessment requirement for graduation. We have informed the teachers of these courses who these students are. Parents can expect to receive a personal communication from the teacher if the class is required to graduate.


Need help or have questions?

Please refer to staff members below if you need help in any of the following areas:

Who to contact for help  


Below we have listed some of the work completed to date and set to be implemented next week. We again ask that if you have not received information from your teacher, or are having challenges with devices or connectivity, to please contact your building administrator. Thank you again and we sincerely hope you are remaining safe and healthy during this time!  We would also like to remind individuals to visit our COVID-19 Resources webpage for Food Services, Child Care for healthcare workers and emergency responders, as well as Mental Health and Crisis Resources, in case any of these topics might be of need – for you, your family or those you know.



Ginger Callison, Executive Director for Teaching and Learning

Dan Schlotfeldt, Executive Director for Teaching and Learning

Nancy Meeks, Executive Director of Student Services

Rob Manahan, Superintendent


Summary of Teaching and Learning Activities

Elementary (Kindergarten through grade 5)

3/16 - 3/20

  • Set up teacher and student accounts for Zearn (Math).
  • Added students to STEMScopes account (Science).
  • Completed online Schoology Training course. 
  • Reviewed upcoming Eureka/Zearn units.
  • Attended Virtual staff meetings, via Zoom/Teams.  
  • Developed communications for student/parents.

3/23 - 3/27

  • Reviewed the weekly Engagement Learning Activities.  Prepared to answer student questions. 
  • Built one “Team” in Microsoft Teams and practice.
  • Downloaded class usernames and passwords for necessary student access.
  • Linked weekly Engagement Learning Activity plans to Clever. 
  • Emailed parents the directions for Clever.
  • Checked in with each student via email, or Teams. 
  • Monitored usage reports for all online tools. Checked in with students that are not using resources.
  • Documented family device needs and send to your principal. 
  • Ensured class is in Zearn and STEMscopes.

3/30 - 4/3

  • Reviewed the weekly engagement activities. Be prepared to answer student questions.
  • Shared with families your class code and logins for Raz-Kids (Reading).
  • Assigned the text passages in Raz-Kids for student read alouds. 
  • Checked in with each student via email, Zoom, or Teams.
  • Continued professional development around Schoology. 
  • Recorded and linked a video of teacher read aloud to Clever. 
  • Communicated with families regarding daily “Check and Connect” time for students.
  • Began conducting class Zoom/Team meetings.
  • Worked with grade level teams to create digital and non-digital differentiation opportunities.


Secondary (grades 6-12)

3/16 - 3/20

  • Staff took 9 hour Schoology course.
  • Teachers sent an email message to all families.
  • Staff outreach to students with missing work.
  • Test retakes offered to students when possible (emphasis on students with D/F grades).
  • Sent message to families about optional learning opportunity availability during upcoming week. 
  • Teachers organized into small teams, new expectations for practice shared.
  • Addressed student/staff tech needs.

3/23 - 3/27

  • Conducted first small team meeting. (Most teachers had 2 - 3 meetings this week.) Developed process for providing the same learning opportunities to students taking the same course, regardless of assigned teacher or school.
  • First learning opportunity shared with students through Schoology (Goal: At least 2 hours of student work/course). Learning opportunities posted on Tuesday, 3/24, in Schoology.
  • Added supplemental resources to Schoology.
  • Teachers learned to record a video; all teachers posted a video. 
  • Teachers learned to use Schoology analytics to see which students are not logging on to Schoology. This will allow us to reach out to families and engage as many students as possible before requiring and grading work.
  • Teachers created a list of students who did not log in to Schoology during the week of 3/23 - 3/27.

3/30 - 4/3

  • Advisory teachers emailed parents whose students did not log in to Schoology last week.
  • Second set of student learning opportunities posted in Schoology on Monday, 3/30. These were optional, but highly encouraged. Goal: All students log in to Schoology. 
  • Students were asked to return their learning opportunities to teachers, and received feedback from their teachers. This allowed teachers to practice sending, receiving, and returning work before assigning work that counts toward a grade. 
  • Surveys were sent to students about their experiences with the first two learning opportunities--we will adjust based on their feedback.
  • Teachers continued to answer student and parent questions over email.
  • Teachers read about instruction in a virtual environment.
  • Developed a plan for each senior who needs to meet the assessment requirement for graduation.

4/6 - 4/10

  • New set of learning tasks will be assigned in Schoology on 4/6.
  • Learning tasks will be required and scored. Scores will be entered into the gradebook and will count toward the Semester 2 grade.
  • Teachers will post a video introducing the assigned work for the week, or providing a link to learning related to the assigned work.
  • Teachers will learn to use Microsoft Teams, and some may schedule Teams meetings with their students.
  • Teachers will continue to work on identifying priority content, and developing a list of the concepts they will teach for the remainder of the year.