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Resources for Recreating Safely at Local Parks and Trails


Some parks and trails in the area have begun to open for public use, with social distancing rules in effect to help keep the public safe. If you are planning to enjoy the outdoors, please refer to the following resources, before you head out.


Check the status of parks and trails via the following links:

 Know before you go… Pandemic-Era Hiking: How to adventure responsibly and respectfully, Seattle Refined article by Corinne Whiting, published May 27.


Excerpted advice from the Washington Trails Association (WTA) on the new common courtesy includes “…since we're still adhering to stay-at-home orders here in Washington, it's wise to remain close to home. Stick to options like half-day trips where you can travel there and back on a tank of gas. Along those lines, be sure to bring your own water and food so you won't need to make stops along the way.


Hikers should continue to retain physical distance, adventure with members of their immediate household and stay six feet apart from others whenever possible. Since many trails become narrower than that distance in certain places, be sure to have your mask or bandana handy to cover your mouth and nose as you pass fellow hikers.”