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Continuous Learning Update for the Week of June 8 - 12

June 5, 2020


Hello Snoqualmie Valley families,


Here is important information for the last two weeks of this school year.  


Again, thanks to all who provided feedback in our recent Teaching and Learning surveys. (The 6-12 Parent Survey closes tonight, June 5 at midnight, if you still want to share your thoughts and suggestions.) Your feedback will help us improve how we can support students learning remotely, and help identify areas to focus professional development this summer.  


Elementary Students

Elementary Student Personal Items/Medication Pickup

  • June 16-17 are scheduled for students to pick up personal items at each school, and to return any library books. School nurses will also be on hand for families who need to sign out their medications. Please be on the lookout for information from your school and teachers, regarding specific times and procedures to follow to ensure safety.  


Elementary Report Cards

  • Student report cards will be available through Family Access by 4 p.m. on Friday, June 19. (For information regarding grading procedures, see the link at the bottom of this page.)


Weekly Learning Plan

Each week’s Stay Engaged Plan is designed around grade-level priority standards to help students be prepared for the following school year and guide teachers toward determining a grade for the third trimester. All required work in the Stay Engaged Plan is important for students’ progression.

  • Yellow highlighted **required assignments are the minimum requirement for students. Teachers will provide feedback on these highlighted assignments.
  • **Required work is important and will help to guide feedback given on highlighted work.
  • By highlighting specific work to be turned in, we are helping families prioritize what has to be turned in. 
  • This week will focus on Literacy and Math

A Monday morning week-in-review video from your child’s teacher will be available to all students Monday by 9 a.m. This video will review all due dates for highlighted assignments in the weekly plan and the dates by which students will receive feedback from the teacher.


Please contact your student’s teacher with questions or concerns. If you have concerns related to an IEP or 504 plan, please reach out to your child’s case manager (IEP) or the school counselor (504).  


MSHS and Middle School Students

Important information for the last two weeks of school:  The last day for students to turn in work is Wednesday, June 17.


Review of Grading Guidelines for Spring 2020:

  • If a student’s grade has improved since March 20, the student will be awarded the higher grade.
  • If a student’s grade has decreased since March 20, the teacher will review all available evidence of learning (assignments, assessments, etc.) related to the course standards for the student. This can include work/assessments from before March 20. There are two potential outcomes:
    1. The student receives the grade in place on March 20. This will occur when there is enough evidence of the student’s proficiency on the course standards (assignments, assessments) to justify a passing grade.
    2. The student receives an incomplete. This will occur when there is not enough evidence of the student’s proficiency on the course standards to justify a passing grade. This will most likely occur when a student turned in minimal to no work before or after the closure, or turned in work that did not demonstrate enough proficiency on important course standards.
  • If a student had an F at the time of the closure, and the grade did not improve, the student will be assigned a grade of “incomplete”.


If your student’s grade has dropped since the closure, please reach out to the teacher and ask for guidance and support. There is still time! We want to work closely with you so we can end the year strong.  Your teachers and principals want to hear from you and are standing by to help.


What is an Incomplete (I)?  What happens if my child receives an Incomplete (I)?


Middle school students:

  • Middle school students will not be impacted by “I” grades, unless the grade is in a high school credit-bearing course such as Algebra, Geometry and Spanish.
  • The “I” will be recorded on the report card. This will alert school staff next year that the student may need additional support in class to catch up on standards missed during remote learning. All students will progress to the planned next set of courses in the fall.
  • No action is needed by students or parents, other than taking advantage of future opportunities to regain missed skills or concepts.
  • For high school credit-bearing courses: Students may complete the work for the course at a later date and earn the passing grade, or choose not to record the course/grade on the high school transcript.


High school students:

An “I” is a placeholder. We will work with each student to convert the “I” to a passing grade.

  • Each teacher will list the course standard(s) not yet deemed to be proficient for the student after final grades are posted in June.
  • MSHS will work with your family to develop a plan for demonstrating proficiency on the missing standards for the course. This may include: Completing the missing work, completing different learning tasks, taking a competency test, demonstrating proficiency next year in a different course, or a variety of other options. We will work with you to develop a plan that works for your student.
  • Once proficiency is demonstrated, the “I” will be converted to a passing grade on the transcript.


High school seniors and incomplete grades:

  • Our counselors, building administrators have been carefully monitoring all senior student grades this spring. Staff members have reached out to families when senior students are at risk of receiving an incomplete, and will continue to do so for the remainder of the year. We are working hard to ensure all students complete requirements before the last day of school. If contacted by a staff member, please share any questions you have about what a potential incomplete grade means for your student. In most cases, the response and next steps will be specific to your student. 


Picking Up Personal Items/Medication from School:

Watch for communication from your school regarding specific times and safety procedures for retrieving personal items and medications from school.  MSHS Seniors:  Watch for more information on your school website about returning your laptops and textbooks on June 16-17.


Athletic Eligibility for Fall of 2020:

Please note the adjustment to the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) rules for next fall, 2020, regarding grades and athletic eligibility:

For the upcoming fall of 2020, the WIAA has agreed to provide a blanket waiver to rule 18.7.4, as a result of COVID-19. In the fall of 2020, all students will not be required to meet the previous semester scholarship rule in 18.7.4, provided they meet all other eligibility requirements. The student’s grades will be monitored during the first designated monitoring period established by the school and every three (3) to six (6) weeks thereafter. 


Additional Resources:  

  • Questions about grading?  Please refer to the SVSD Grading Information for this Spring (April 29) and a video message from Superintendent Rob Manahan about grading (May 21).
  • For a running log of all District notices that have been sent related to the pandemic, school closures and remote learning plans, click here.


Thank you for your continued partnership,


The SVSD Teaching and Learning Team