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Continuous Learning Update for the Week of June 15-19

June 12, 2020


Hello Snoqualmie Valley families,


This Teaching and Learning information is for the last week of this school year.   


Elementary Students:


Elementary Student Personal Items/Medication Pickup

June 16-17 are scheduled for students to pick up personal items at each school, and to return any library books. School nurses will also be on hand for families who need to sign out their medications. Please be on the lookout for information from your school and teachers, regarding specific times and procedures to follow to ensure safety.  


Elementary Report Cards

Student report cards will be available through Family Access by 4 p.m. on Friday, June 19. (For information on grading procedures, click here.)


Weekly Learning Plan

Each week’s Stay Engaged Plan is designed around grade-level priority standards to help students be prepared for the following school year and guide teachers toward determining a grade for the third trimester. All required work in the Stay Engaged Plan is important for students’ progression.

  • Yellow highlighted **required assignments are the minimum requirement for students. Teachers will provide feedback on these highlighted assignments.
  • **Required work is important and will help to guide feedback given on highlighted work.
  • By highlighting specific work to be turned in, we are helping families prioritize what has to be turned in. 
  • This week will focus on Literacy and Math

A Monday morning week-in-review video from your child’s teacher will be available to all students by 9 a.m. This video will review all due dates for highlighted assignments in the weekly plan and the dates by which students will receive feedback from the teacher.


Please contact your student’s teacher with questions or concerns. If you have concerns related to an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 plan, please reach out to your child’s case manager (IEP) or school counselor (504).  


MSHS and Middle School Students:


Thanks to all who completed our 6-12 Parent Survey last week! Your feedback was extremely helpful and much appreciated.

Here are some key takeaways for us as we begin planning for next year:

  • Students need more support from school to develop a weekly schedule and manage learning.
  • Students feel isolated working from home (biggest barrier).
  • Parents/students want a tech tutorial before we begin next year, and consistency in communication and organization of materials across all classes.
  • Remote lesson design, creating more engaging lessons, and differentiating remote learning experiences are needed next steps for our professional development.
  • Keeping track of information and resources was difficult across classes.
  • Parents most appreciated personal contact and connections, efforts to make lessons fun, teachers modeling skills and interacting with students (real time lessons), Teams, flexibility, and clear communication from teachers when these things occurred. 
  • District E-News is the most preferred communication for receiving information.


Important information for the last week of school:

  • Reminder: The last day for students to turn in work is Wednesday, June 17.
  • Teachers will hold their regularly scheduled class meetings next week, but no new work will be assigned. Support for improving work or completing missing work will be available during class meeting times. Students should use this last week to complete their work for the second semester as needed. 


What is happening next year?

All Washington school districts have been waiting for additional guidance from the state about what we can and cannot do next year regarding the opening of schools. That planning guide was finally released yesterday (June 11) in a 55-page report from the Office of Superintendent of Public Health (OSPI).  In general, the guidance encourages schools to prepare for re-opening in-person with specific safeguards outlined by Washington’s Department of Health (including requirements around physical distancing, face coverings, and personal protective equipment (PPE) -- and pending local health authority approval for areas in Phases 1 or 1.5.


While our staff works to study these in-depth guidelines and public health requirements, we also want to consider feedback from our stakeholders -- students, parents, staff, and community members.  On Wednesday this week, June 10, we initiated an online Thoughtexchange process to help gather feedback regarding resuming school safely. We want to understand your priorities and work to address key concerns, as we develop our plan.

 Thoughtexchange logo

Have you participated in Thoughtexchange yet? 

Please click here to Share Your Thoughts.

(If you are among the 1,800+ people who have already participated, thank you!)

You can also go back in to read and rate the latest thoughts that others have shared.

This Thoughtexchange closes Tuesday, June 16 at 8 p.m.


Armed with this information, district workgroups will be meeting the week of June 22-26 to continue this complex work of preparing for fall. We will keep you updated throughout the summer, as we work out the details.


We will send one last communication (Friday, June 19) with information to close out the year. We can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding this spring, and for everything you did from home to support your children while we worked on developing a remote learning model. We know how difficult this was for families.


Thank you for your continued partnership,


The SVSD Teaching and Learning Team