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Thoughtexchange Results Regarding Reopening Schools


As part of our planning efforts around reopening schools next fall, Snoqualmie Valley School District solicited feedback from the community, June 10-16, using an interactive online process called Thoughtexchange.  To develop our plan to best meet the needs of our students, it was important to understand common concerns, perceptions and priorities among our stakeholders and community, as the district awaited directives from the state regarding reopening schools in the fall.


We invited parents/guardians, staff members, students as well as all community members to share their thoughts on this key question: Regardless of how school might "look" in the fall, what are the most important things we need to keep in mind in order to safely and effectively educate all students in the Snoqualmie Valley School District?  Participants could then consider and rate thoughts shared by others, by assigning stars to the comments they supported. 


As a result, 3,079 participants shared 4,221 thoughts and rated 155,854 comments. Thanks to all who took time to provide feedback on this important topic! 


Discover the Results: 

Our Thoughtexchange partners helped analyze the results in a couple ways. For starters, this word cloud graphic identifies the most commonly articulated topics.


wordcloud image of June Thoughtexchange responses  


To identify priorities that emerged, Thoughtexchange grouped similar thoughts (terms) into 12 common themes:  Gratitude & Community, Communication, Equity & Access, Self-Isolating if Sick, Student Engagement & Accountability, Arts & Other Programs, Mental Health & Connectivity, Online Learning, Return to the Classroom, Safety & Sanitation, Special Education, and Parent & Family Support. These themes are represented by two interactive bar graphs: one based on total thoughts shared within each theme, and another based on the average ratings of total thoughts shared within each theme. Please note that you can drill down to specific comments related to each theme, by hovering your cursor over the bar and clicking.


Click here to Discover the results of the June 2020 Thoughtexchange

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Feedback from this Thoughtexchange is helping guide discussions and prioritize planning, as district teams define how best to safely and effectively teach students next fall, while complying with state guidelines for reopening schools (which require social distancing and wearing masks at school).


What’s Next?  Next week (around July 8), the District will share a general outline of the plan for fall – to provide families a sense of what to expect when school resumes August 31.  Additional work to finalize the many details of the plan will continue throughout the summer.  


Please continue to read District E-News updates this summer and watch for important surveys in the coming weeks.  For example, to plan for classroom and school bus capacities under the new state guidelines, we will need families to confirm if they will need school bus transportation, and to verify if they will choose online-only instruction for their student for the fall session. (Among the Thoughtexchange responses, about 16% indicated they would prefer that option.)  


Thanks for your patience as we work through these extraordinary circumstances, to do what’s best for all students.