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Important Parent Survey: Do you want tosign up for 100% Remote Learning in the fall? Will your student need bus transportation?

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UPDATE (as of Sunday morning):  The Skyward vendor completed its statewide upgrade on Saturday --- and Family Access is now available for families to complete their surveys. IF you still see a closure message, PLEASE REFRESH YOUR SCREEN - or CLOSE OUT OF THE WEBSITE AND REOPEN IT, to remove that notice and allow access to the login page.  We regret this inconveniece and appreciate your diligence to complete the survey for your students.


Last week, Snoqualmie Valley School District Superintendent Rob Manahan shared an overview of our district’s preliminary plan for reopening schools in the fall. The plan offers families options for in-person and online learning models, that adhere to safety requirements from the Washington Department of Health and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.  If you missed the announcement and video on July 8, please click here now for this important update on reopening schools.


As a next step, our school district needs a clear understanding of how many families will choose 100% online learning, in order to determine how many students we can serve in-person at our schools given social distancing requirements that will reduce our class sizes.  The purpose of the following survey is to verify your family’s choice, so we can plan accordingly for restarting school in the fall.  


Parents/Guardians:  Please take a survey TODAY in Family Access. Complete a separate survey for each SVSD student enrolled for the 2020-21 school year. This survey is open Wednesday, July 15, through midnight Sunday, July 19. For students with multiple guardians, the survey is set up for "Family 1" to complete -- to prevent multiple responses for an individual student. 


Before taking the survey… Please review the following information carefully so you can make an informed decision about your preferred learning program for the fall and school bus transportation needs.  Your responses will drive our district’s planning around school capacities, scheduling and staffing for the three new learning models, as well as school bus routing and safety.


Learning Options for our students:


  • Full-time Remote Learning Model -- open to all grade levels. Our district understands some families may choose not to attend school in-person.  Therefore, families will have the option to choose a 100% online learning option.  We plan to support those students with a program similar to last spring but with improvements focused on greater connections, engagement and best practices for remote learning.  SVSD staff will be designated to support fulltime remote learning and will be provided with additional training for remote learning.


  • Full-time In-Person Model -- for Kindergarten through 2nd grades (if space allows), plus some special programs such as Preschool, Transition Learning Center, Specialty/Life Skills. Our desire is for these groups to attend in-person full-time, 4-5 days a week.  Wednesday schedules are still to be determined.  This model supports select groups of students for whom in-person instruction better suits their learning and developmental needs.  (NOTE: We still need to verify if this will be possible to serve all three grade levels: K, 1st and 2nd in person while social distancing, depending on how many families choose remote learning.)


  • Hybrid A/B Model -- for grades 3 – 12. Students will be designated into two groups (A & B, split alphabetically) with alternating schedules.  Each group will attend 2 days on campus for in-person instruction and participate in at-home learning the remaining days each week.  Group A will attend school in-person Mondays and Thursdays, while Group B will attend in-person Tuesdays and Fridays. Wednesday schedules are still to be determined.


For more information, please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions about Reopening SVSD schools.  We will continue to add to this FAQ leading up to the start of school, as more details are available.


By confirming the number of students who prefer 100% Remote Learning, the district can better determine if there is adequate space in our schools (given social distancing requirements that will reduce class sizes) to serve students in-person per the proposed learning models.


IMPORTANT:  Please consider your choice of learning model to be a commitment for the first trimester (for elementary schools) or the first semester (for middle and high school students).  This will help us plan for, support, and appropriately staff each model. (Certainly, if a student needs to stay home due to illness or exposure to COVID, the district will support them remotely as needed.)


Transportation Verification:


State guidelines for school bus transportation require all students and staff to wear cloth masks, suggest windows be open as much as possible to encourage airflow, and encourage regular disinfecting of high-touch areas. The state is not as stringent regarding social distancing between students on buses, unlike the 6-foot rule for social distancing in classrooms.  However, our district would like to be able to space students out on buses, if possible.


Therefore, we are asking all families to consider if they may be able to provide their own transportation next year, or, depending on their proximity, have students walk or bike to their school.  Fewer students will help us be able to have more distance between riders.


This survey will ask you to confirm if your student will need bus transportation. Whatever choice you make for your student(s), again we ask that you commit to this decision, so we can plan accordingly for transporting riders as safely as possible.  


How to Take the Survey:

If you have more than one child, please complete a separate survey for EACH student enrolled in Snoqualmie Valley schools.  


1.  To begin, parents, please click here to login to Family Access or select the icon below from the district website ( 

Family Access icon on the District homepage


2.  You will be asked to enter your unique parent/guardian access code. 

(Need help?  There is a “forgot your login/password?” link on the login screen, if needed. Also, if you recently enrolled in our district, your login information was included in the enrollment confirmation email you received. If you did not receive this, or have trouble logging in, please contact the District Office at 425-831-8421, or email


3.  Select "Online Forms" on the left side of the screen, and then select the Reopening Schools Survey message naming your student. You will be asked:

  • Will your child attend the Snoqualmie Valley School District in the fall?  YES or NO
  • Will you choose the district’s Full-time Remote Learning option for this student when schools reopen this fall?  YES or NO
  • Will your student need district transportation when schools reopen?  YES or NO


4.  Complete steps 1 and 2, then hit the “Submit REOPENING SCHOOLS SURVEY” button to finish.


Thank you for making your selection via the survey. We will continue to provide updates throughout the summer, as more details of our plan come together.