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NEW Requirements for Visitors, Volunteers, and Contractors at School


The Governor’s directive (issued August 20) requires everyone, including volunteers, working for public and private K-12 schools to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or obtain a medical or religious exemption, by October 18, 2021.  


This requirement includes volunteers who engage or are reasonably likely to engage in work near others while physically present at a school building for longer periods of time, as well as contractors employed by the district who work in-person with others. The requirement does not apply to volunteers/contractors who are only physically on-site for brief periods of time and will not be in close physical proximity to others, according to OSPI guidance


Brief visitors to a school building, including family members or vendors delivering supplies or mail, are not required to be vaccinated, however, they must follow all other safety requirements, which includes wearing masks. At this time, we prefer that all meetings with families be held via Zoom/video conference or outdoors, weather permitting. Meetings indoors may be available upon request. However, if the family member(s) attending are unvaccinated, the meeting must be limited to less than 15 minutes.


PLEASE NOTE:  During the school day, we are limiting visitors/volunteers to only those necessary to run our programs. This is intended to help minimize the potential for community transmission in schools and help keep schools open. Schools have discretion to determine who is allowed to be on campus during this time.


Protocols upon arrival:

  • All visitors must check in at the main office and follow health and safety requirements, including wearing masks.  
  • Office staff/administrators will decide who may be on campus – based on whether their presence is necessary for school programs.
  • Visitors:
    • Brief visits (less than 15 min.) do not require proof of vaccination but access to the school is limited.
    • For longer parent/guardian meetings (15 min. or more), we suggest zoom meetings, meeting outdoors (pending weather), or an indoor meeting (upon request) if fully vaccinated.
  • Volunteers:
    • Prior to October 18, 2021, volunteers who will be working with others are asked to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within 72 hours prior to the visit.
    • Starting October 18, volunteers working with others are required to show proof that they are fully vaccinated or have obtained a religious or medical exemption. Verification information for volunteers will not be stored at the school and must be presented at each visit.
  • Contractors:
    • Starting October 18, contractors working near others on site are required to be fully vaccinated or have obtained a religious or medical exemption through their employer. Contract agreements issued through the District will require all vendors ensure that all contractors assigned to our district comply with all requirements.  


Proof of Vaccination, as defined by the Governor’s mandate, includes:

  • CDC COVID-19 vaccination card or photo of the card;
  • Documentation of vaccination from a health care provider or electronic health record; 
  • State immunization information system record; or
  • For an individual who was vaccinated outside of the U.S., a reasonable equivalent of any of the above.

Personal attestation does not qualify as an acceptable form of verification of COVID-19 vaccination. 


CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Card


Posted September 3, 2021