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Determining When to Return to School/Work


The health and safety of our learning community continues to be a top priority for the Snoqualmie Valley School District. We appreciate partnering with families as we strive to balance the benefits of in-person learning with the importance of preventing illness at school. 


Effective March 12, 2022, Washington Department of Health (DoH) made several updates to their Requirements to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission in K-12 Schools


Should your student experience any ill symptoms, has a COVID exposure, or tests COVID positive, please refer to the appropriate guidance (below) and notify your student’s school via the school’s attendance line. Your school will follow-up with complete return-to-school directions. 



Students and staff who have symptoms of COVID-19, are required to stay home and should get tested and/or see a health care provider. 

Please refer to the What to do if a Person is Symptomatic flowchart (DOH p.1) for determining when to return to work/school.



Any student or staff who tests positive for COVID-19 is required to isolate at home, regardless of vaccination status.  The isolation period is 10 full days from the start of symptoms or the date of positive test. See Calculating Your Isolation Period for additional information. 


The individual may return to school after 5 full days of isolation if:

  • Their symptoms have improved or they are asymptomatic, AND
  •  They are without a fever for the past 24 hours without use of fever-reducing medications.

AND IF returning to school/care days 6-10, the individual is required to: 

  •  Wear a well-fitted mask or face shield with a drape during days 6-10 of their isolation period, consistent with CDC guidance, OR 
  • Test negative with an antigen or at-home test any day after day 5 before returning without a mask. Testing beyond day 10 is not necessary. 

If the individual is not able to wear a well-fitted mask or face shield with a drape, AND does not test negative, they are required to continue isolating through the end of their isolation period (through day 10).



Regardless of vaccination status, students and staff who were potentially exposed to COVID-19 should:

  • Monitor for symptoms, AND
  • Consider wearing a well-fitted mask for 10 days after the last date of exposure, especially during activities like high-risk indoor sports, performing arts, etc., AND
  • Get tested 3-5 days after their last exposure. If they test positive, they must isolate.

Exposed students and staff may continue to take part in all in-person instruction and care, including sports, performing arts, and other extracurricular activities, as long as they are not symptomatic. If an exposed student or staff develops symptoms, they are required to immediately isolate at home.

See What to do if You Receive an Exposure Notification or are Identified as a Close Contact flowchart (DoH p. 2) for additional information.


Thank you for your continued efforts to keep our students and staff healthy and our schools open!

Updated March 12, 2022